Free Diamond in The Free Fire (FF) Lucky Draw Com

Free Fire lucky draw com is an unofficial website saying it's from Garena that offers the players free diamonds as they visit the website. After all, we think that this website is quite fishy knowing that they're giving diamonds for free. 


Free Fire lucky draw com is an unofficial website saying it’s from Garena that offers the players free diamonds as they visit the website. After all, we think that this website is quite fishy knowing that they’re giving diamonds for free.

As it turns out, there are many Free Fire players that is tricked with this kind of offer. Fraud that brings up Free Fire usually aims underaged kids that plays Free Fire. Most of those kids don’t know what they got themselves into. With a single personal data input, then they’re pretty much done!

Apparently, there are many victims from this kind of fraud because they’re simply not paying attention to what’s coming. It is important for you to be suspicious to any offer that seems intriguing and easy to get. Especially if it’s coming from a fishy website as well.

So if you manage to find any shady looking website, you better think again as it may endanger your personal information that you have. There are many victims that lost their account because of this kind of scam.

For those of you who are wondering about the, let’s check out this shady website that offers you free diamond in the game.

You need to be careful because this website will cause you trouble, losing your personal information is only one of them.

About Free Fire (FF) Lucky Draw Com is a website that will give you free diamond in Free Fire according to the website says. This website is clearly a scam that is actually not that professional. With a horrendous looking website, terrible design, and a weird domain name, it doesn’t stop people from accessing the website and becoming a victim afterwards.

You can identify this scam website by looking at the domain owner’s identity. The domain owner’s identity is really shady and the proxy is from America. You need to know that Garena never releases a website like this. with free diamonds in it?freefireluckydraw

Websites like is one of the example of this kind of a scam website. You need to understand that this kind of website is not official from either Free Fire or Garena. So all of the disadvantage that you’ll get will not be guaranteed by them.

It is obvious that sites like WILL NOT BE GIVING ANY DIAMOND OR OTHER REWARDS. So this website is obviously a scam that is coming to steal from you. So if you manage to see any website that is offering you any gifts or rewards, you better ignore it.

If there’s any website that offers you rewards, you don’t need to do any login to your ID or password. All you have to do is to enter your nickname and your character code. So any personal information should not be given to anyone ever.

There’s actually many other website that has the same purpose as this one. And you need to know that all of this kind of website is a scam. Garena and Free Fire will never carry out any lottery or any event outside their game.

The only exception is the event that is coming officially from the official Garena or Free Fire website. So for those of you who wants to participate in the event, make sure that the website that you’re visiting is official.

There’s actually some give away that will give you some rewards for free. You can simply pay attention to the social media, other media, and a trustworthy content creator.

Remember that in order to accept the reward or diamond, you don’t need to login. A nickname or ID code should be enough for you to get your free reward. So if there’s anyone trying to get you to login, leave immediately.

The risk of accessing Free Fire lucky draw

This is some of the risk that you’ll face if you keep on trying to access to try to get the free diamond:

  1. Your account will be hacked
  2. They will empty your account because you’re giving away your account information through freefireluckydraw
  3. You won’t be able to access your Gmail account
  4. The game will ban your account because the hacker will make your account looking like you’re using a cheat.

How to actually get a free diamond in Free Fire

And now, for those of you who is still looking for a way to get some free diamonds, we have some tips for you. You can check out our article that talks about how to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

By following those steps, you will be able to get free diamonds in Free Fire without having to access shady websites like freefireluckydraw that is obviously a scam website. So every players can actually get some free diamonds without having to do any fraud attempt. So try not to lose your account only because of your own stupidity.

We suggest you to thoroughly check every kind of Free Fire website that you’re visiting. Because there are many fraud that is coming from those kind of website. Which is why, you need to be careful because fraud is everywhere nowadays.

You can try using your common sense to identify which one is a fraud and which one is not. The most important thing to identify is the website name and the overall interface of the website.

Official website usually has a short and simple name. And the event usually comes routinely in the website and it’s parallel to what’s happening in the game. And the overall web interface is also looking professionally done.

Solution from a scam of fraud issue that occur

If you already input your data in the freefireluckydraw website, we suggest you to change your personal identity. You can start from changing the password. Make sure that you’re using an email that is accessible with a different password.

Change your password immediately so that the hacker will be having a hard time trying to hack into your account. If you don’t change your password immediately, then you might as well say goodbye to your account.

But if you’re still curious about this kind of website, you can create an account for the sake of doing an experiment. You can use this account to access any shady website, without fearing of losing your personal information. Even though you won’t get anything anyway, it might kill your curiosity.

The most effective ways is to simply not accessing any website like this Free Fire lucky draw or the same kind of website. Try to avoid any unofficial website.

So in short, if you’re wondering whether freefireluckydraw will give you diamond, the answer is simply no. Try to think twice before you access this kind of website. Because you won’t get anything from this scam website other than being hacked.

And that’s some information about free diamond in the Free Fire lucky draw com that you need to know. Be sure to follow esportsku on instagram for more tips to come!

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