Free Fire Shotgun Tips and Tricks, The Best Rush Weapon in FF!

Here we'll give you some tips on using the shotgun so to make your shotgun game stronger than ever.


To fill your leisure time, there are many games available for download in android. And with those many games available, you’ll have plenty options on what to play in your device. If you want to have fun with your friends and even strangers online, you can try playing Free Fire with your friends online. You can also meet new friends in the game, and play together too.

The uniqueness of the shotgun is the bullet that is coming out of the barrel. If other weapons is releasing a bullet one by one, shotgun is a little bit different. The bullet that shotgun uses is the “pellet” type of bullet. Pellet is the bullet that will spread to tiny pieces as it comes out of the barrel. In Free Fire, the shotgun will be most effective in close range due to the bullet spread. However, the shotgun is ineffective in long range.

Here we’ll give you some tips on using the shotgun so to make your shotgun game stronger than ever.

1. Aim Towards the Upper Body

When you play with a shotgun, make sure that you aim towards the upper body or a headshot. Shotgun is basically a weapon with a huge rate of damage, so a headshot can be fatal. A pump action shotgun has a slower rate of fire, so make sure that you don’t miss your shot or your enemy will fight you back.

2. Shoot While Crouching

Free Fire has a quite strange physics mechanism. When you crouch, the weapon accuracy will strangely increase. However, the shotgun’s accuracy stats doesn’t really matter due to the bullet spread. When you crouch, the shotgun mechanism will get even weirder, because the bullet will spread less and therefore it will make the shotgun even more dangerous.

3. Count Your Bullet

One of the negative side of the shotgun is the slow reloading time. When you use the shotgun, the more bullet spent, the more time it takes for you to reload. It’s because the shotgun reload its bullets one by one.

4. Play Aggressively

As you play with a shotgun, make sure that you’re capable of playing aggressively. It’s because a shotgun is a close range weapon, so playing passively will not be good for you.

5. It Doesn’t Need No Attachment

The best thing about the shotgun is that the shotgun doesn’t need any crucial attachment. So when you find one, you can go straight to kill.

6. Combine With Medium/Long Range Weapon

If you wield a shotgun, make sure you also have a medium/long range weapon. It’s because the shotgun cannot be used in medium to long range shootout.

That’s some tips and tricks on the shotgun in Free Fire. This deadly weapon can even kill an enemy with one shot, if you’re using it right. The shotgun is best when in close range.