Free Fire Tips on Getting Better Overnight!

When you play Free Fire in ranked mode, of course the game will be more challenging than usual. However, if you're losing, it will affect your rank.


Free Fire is a battle royale shooting game. This game is quite popular in Indonesia and has a lot of players worldwide. There are many weapons that you can use in the game, and every weapons and characters combination will have different results regarding the playing style of the player. In Free Fire, you will also have some upgrades like character skills and pet skills. Garena will always update the game to add new features and fix the bugs in the game. Since the recent update, The Kar98k is erased from the clash squad mode. And the Magic Fragment event in Brazil’s server is also postponed due to the bug in it.

When you play Free Fire in ranked mode, of course the game will be more challenging than usual. However, if you’re losing, it will affect your rank. Here we will tell you how to get better in Free Fire overnight!

1. Don’t Play Solo. Play Squad Instead!

If you play with a squad, the chance of survival will be much bigger. It’s because when you’re knocked out, there might be a chance for your teammate to rescue you. And by working together, you will also have a higher chance of winning. We suggest you to play with a friend that has been playing Free Fire for a long time. Therefore, your experienced friend will be there to help you win the game!

2. Use the Character That is Useful For the Squad

Character option is really important in a squad. With the right character combination, the squad will be more powerful as a result. You can win the game easier with the right character for you. So choose wisely

3. Always Have a Gloo Wall and a Grenade

The two of these item has different function, but equally useful. Grenade will give a huge explosive damage as you throw it towards the enemy. And the gloo wall is useful for your defense mechanism by spawning it in a strategic area to reinforce your defense.

4. Be Careful When You Rush

You can try to rush to increase your duel skill, but remember to be careful. Because there are some ways to counter a rushing opponent, and it might works for you as well.

5. Be Ready to Use a Melee Weapon

There are times when you run out of ammo. As you run out of ammo, the melee attack is your last line of offense. This weapon is best for close encounter, so use it carefully. You can also try to use the pan because it can make the enemy bullets ricochet from it.

And that’s some info that we can give you to get better in Free Fire. Be ready to go pro pretty soon!