Free Fire Tips on How to Handle Your Top Up Error. Don’t Panic!

Ever having trouble topping up your cash? It has to be annoying and disrupting right? Don't worry, here we will tell you how to solve those issues right away!


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How to Handle Your Top Up Error

If you’re a Free Fire fanatic, most of you must have done at least one top up attempt. This diamond top up is quite important if you want to buy something in the game. There’s even a free top up that you can try in order to get more diamonds. With that feature, you wouldn’t get bored in the game because you’re able to buy new items at the time with the free diamond.

But have you ever occurred an error while doing a diamond top up attempt? If so, we will give you  the solution in this article down below!

Erase the Game Cache

Cache is a junk file that keeps piling as time goes by if players often use the application. If you play Free Fire for a long time, the application cache will surely piles up. If there’s too much cache in a particular app, the app performance will slow down. And in Free Fire, it will surely be more difficult to top up.

So clear your cache by clearing it in the Free Fire application settings. By erasing the cache files, it will surely better the game performance and prevents you from having trouble while topping up.

Turn Off Your Device and Restart It

Once you tried the attempt above, but it doesn’t work, you can try this second option. First, turn off your device connection. And then put your phone down for a couple of minutes, and afterwards you can restart your device. When your device is active, make sure you’re not turning on the connection directly. Wait for around 5 minutes, after that you can turn on your connection network and try again.


The last thing that you can do if those attempts don’t seem to work, is to reinstall the game completely. It was one of the most effective solution in case there’s a problem regarding top ups. If you reinstall Free Fire, all of the files will be refreshed and those files will be trouble-free. First you can open Google Play Store, search for Free Fire and uninstall the app. After you uninstall the Free Fire app, you can install it again from scratch. When you do, the downloaded files will not contain any errors. Usually, an failed top up attempt happens because there’s a file error in Free Fire.

And that’s the solution on how to solve your top up issue in Free Fire. We hope that you won’t be having any more top up issue in the future!