Free Fire Tips on Rank Progression in Season 15

Now we have some tips for you to push you rank. By reading and applying these tips, there's no reason for you not to reach top 300 later on!


Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale game. As of today, there are more than 250 million Free Fire users from around the world. With that huge amount of players, Free Fire is getting more popular and becoming one of the best battle royale game to exist. As we know it, Garena will always present you new updates and events. More updates and events, means less boredom. All of the updates and events is surely presented for the players for them to gain new features in the game.

Out of all those features, one of the most interesting feature in Free Fire is the characters. The recent update introduces us with a new support character with the name Kapella that you can check out here. The weapons is also an interesting feature. And you can check out the best assault rifle in Free Fire here.

Free Fire new season is here, and there will be even more ranked prizes than before.

To get those prizes, you can check out these tips below!

1. Play with a Squad

If you have a friend that play Free Fire, ask them to play with you as a squad. If you play with a squad, you can work together to increase your winning chance! It’s even better if you play with your own friends, since you’ll know what role suits you and your friends. You can also check out the best squad roles here.

2. Use the Best Character/Character Combination

Before you enter a match, it is required for you to choose a character. You can try various character and any character combination available that suits you the most. To get to know the best character combination in Free Fire, you can check it out here!

3. Use Your Best Weapon

If you know what kind of weapon that suits you best, try to use them in every match. If you don’t, you can find out by trying every one of them in training ground. Make sure you found the best weapon that suits you before you enter a match and push your rank. You can check out this article on the best weapon for a headshot in Free Fire here!

4. Don’t Forget the Gloo Wall

When you play in ranked mode, don’t forget to obtain the gloo wall item. It is one of the grenade items, where if you throw it somewhere, it will spawn as a huge ice wall. It’s useful for you and your teammate’s protection. If your enemy has one, there’s some tips for you to counter the gloo wall that you can check out here!

And that’s some information that we can give you in order to push your rank even further in season 15! Be ready to reach the top after this!