Free Fire Tips to Complete the Event Fortune

Garena will always provide the players with interesting new events and updates. And now, there's a new event named Event Fortune Ice Cream in the game. And this Event is still connected with the Beach Party event.


Playing video games can be one of the most exciting activity to do. In android, there are many games provided for users to play, and one of the game genre is a battle royale game. There are many battle royale game in android, and you can try Free Fire to have the best battle royale experience.

In the future, Garena as the developer of the game, will always gives us new updates and events for us to enjoy. On 3rd this month, there’s a new June update available in Free Fire. And one of the event provided by Garena is the Beach Party Event, with many prizes to come.

Free Fire Tips to Complete the Event Fortune

Other than that, Garena will also release a new event, called the Event Fortune Ice Cream in the game, which is still connected to the previous Beach Party Event Free Fire.

And we have some tips for you to complete those events.

Collect Tokens

First up, you need to collect the tokens available for the event, you can obtain those tokens by completing missions. You can also obtain one from in-game message in the game. The more tokens you have, the more chance you get to claim your desirable prize in the event.


Those tokens can be spent to Spin in the event in Free Fire. You have to Spin and collect the ice cream ingredients, in order to complete the event. And you can claim your prize afterwards. Don’t forget that you can get identical prizes and ingredients in the event, and if you do, both of those identical prize and ingredients will merge.

Ingredients for the Event

Once you collect the ingredients, you can claim your prize afterwards. After you claim all your prizes, then the event will be considered over. You can get various things from it, including awesome parachute skins and mask for instance.

Send Your Ingredients to Your Friends

In these events, you can give your leftover ingredients to your friends, in case your friend haven’t finish and you have. You can also swap your ingredients/material with your friends in this event. This way you can finish your event faster by working together with your friends.

This event will be held from June 10th to June 21st 2020, so don’t miss it!