Free Fire’s Newest Joe Taslim (JOTA) Character, How to Get and Review FF!

This character also has a pretty good ability, where you will be given 25 points of Heal if you kill the enemy.


One of the features that is often used by many players is Character, where there are many choices of characters that you can use. But before using these characters, of course you have to make a purchase first. Every character in this game must have different abilities.

Even yesterday, we saw a new character who came from Indonesia, he is Jota aka Joe Taslim free fire. Of course this will make the Free Fire Game even busier, even now we have an interesting event to get these characters for free.

Jota comes to the Free Fire game because of the collaboration between Garena and Joe Taslim. He has finally officially become Free Fire Indonesia’s Brand Ambassador.

On this occasion, we will discuss Jota’s character to all of you.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

How to Get Joe Taslim Free Fire Character

  1. Buy it from the Shop

Now, for those of you who are lazy to get the Jota character from Free Spin. You can buy these characters directly from the Free Fire Shop at a price of 599 Diamond. Of course the price for this character is the same as DJ Alok.

This is because Jota’s character is an example of Garena Free Fire’s collaboration with Joe Taslim.

2. Free Spin

Besides buying, you can do the Jota character Free Spin right now. Even to do this Spin, you only need to collect as many Gold Helmet Medal Tokens as possible.

In this event, you can get the Jota character if you have Spin up to 7 times. But if you’re lucky, just 2 spins can get the character for free.

The ability of the Joe Taslim Free Fire

Character This character also has a pretty good ability, where you will be given 25 points of Heal if you kill the enemy. Of course that way, those of you who fought and managed to kill the enemy still had enough HP.

The cooldown of this ability is 5 seconds, so after killing and getting HP you need to wait 5 seconds for the ability to recover. But the ability of this character is only triggered if you use Shotgun and SMG weapons.

Jota Free Fire


Character Review This character is present in the Free Fire game, because of the collaboration between Joe Taslim and Garena. Because yesterday Joe Taslim has become one of the official Brand Ambassadors of Free Fire Indonesia, therefore Garena will appreciate Joe Taslim and become the new character of Free Fire.

Almost the same as DJ Alok, this character is quite special and is used as a free and paid character by Garena. Maybe next time, there will be other new characters from other countries.

So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you guys now getting interested in the Jota character?

That’s it, Thank You and Regards, Booyah.