How many diamonds are needed for the Mythic Divine Blade Katana skin in Free Fire (FF)?

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How many diamonds are needed for the Mythic Divine Blade Katana skin in Free Fire (FF)?

The Katana Divine Blade skin requires around 1000 Diamonds or around IDR 150,000 that Free Fire players need to spend to get this prize.

Giving the appearance of the Katana Skin a very cool look, making it an attractive Skin when facing enemies without difficulty.

Berapa Diamond Skin Katana Divine Blade Mythic Free Fire (FF)

Moreover, with a design that shows the classic Katana Skin, of course it will make it one of the rarest Skins in the game.

When you pull out the Sharp Blade from the Divine Blade Katana, it will release a small Lightning and Fire from that part when fighting.

Models like weapons used by nobles in facing enemies, of course that is what makes it even more interesting.

Because this Skin is considered unique and many people want it, so don’t miss the first release of this weapon Skin.

The Katana Divine Blade itself appeared in the Free Fire game starting June 24, 2024, but in the future it will be counted as a rerun item.

So if you get it, you have to be ready with the Diamonds, through the Moco Store or other Luck Royale Events that you shouldn’t miss at all.

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