How much is the Premium Supply Phase of Infernal Wyrmlord Mobile Legends (ML)?

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How much is the Premium Supply Phase of Infernal Wyrmlord Mobile Legends (ML)?

The Premium Supply Infernal Wyrmlord event itself will take place in 2 phases, namely April 13-16 2024 and April 20-23 2024. So you can use it to get tokens to draw at the event in the Mobile Legends game this time.

In the Infernal Wyrmlord event, the main skin for the hero Moskov will be awarded later. Where you can get it later on April 6 2024 in the MLBB game.

Of course, by participating in the premium supply event, players can try to get tokens. So you can draw for free later without having to spend diamonds at the Infernal Wyrmlord event.

There are approximately 36 tickets that you can get later at this event. This is because each phase provides a total of 18 draw tickets. So you players shouldn’t miss this.

The skin for the Moskov hero also of course has a fairly expensive price, namely 5000-10000 diamonds later. Therefore, take advantage of the tokens from the Premium Supply event this time to get them cheaper.

Regarding explanations like this, this time you, MLBB game players, can find out about the phases of the Infernal Wyrmlord premium supply event. That way you can write down the schedule later.

Earlier we explained a little about the phases of the Premium Supply Infernal Wyrmlord event in the MLBB game. Of course, that way you can understand it and what do you think about the explanation this time?