How To Counter Hero LOL Ahri Mobile Wild Rift

even though she is often in the mid, it's not uncommon for Ahri to be played in the duo lane and this how to counter hero lol mobile ahri wild rift.


How to counter Ahri Wild Rift that LoL Mobile players should know about this. Ahri is a very agile mage in the Wild Rift. It has a dash that can be used 3 times in a row, making it difficult to catch. Not only that, Ahri also has very high AP burst damage, making him effective as a dealer damage.

Interestingly, even though he is often in the mid, it’s not uncommon for Ahri to be played on the duo lane. Ahri apart from being used as a conventional mage, he is also often played as an APC. As an APC, Ahri’s damage is very terrible. Therefore some people have a hard time fighting it.

But take it easy because there are ways for you to fight this nimble mage. Even though they are strong, there is no champion that is difficult to beat if you know how to fight them. So read on down so that later you don’t get confused anymore. Understand how to fight Ahri especially if you like playing mids.

Here, let’s discuss how to counter the Ahri Wild Rift. Often it annoys many people because of its damage and charm, it cannot be underestimated. Therefore there is nothing wrong if you really plan to counter Ahri, especially if you have difficulty fighting high mobility mages


Prepare CC against ahri

Ahri is a very agile champion, but apart from his ulcers he is very slow and easy to catch. If you fight Ahri, you better prepare CC champion. He is very weak with stun and also silence, this is to minimize his dash which is very annoying and troublesome.


Watch out for the charm

Besides the dash, there is also something very troublesome from Ahri, namely charm. Her charm is a very annoying CC. Enemies affected by this CC charm will be uncontrollable and walk slowly towards Ahri with reduced AP resistance. This charm is very dangerous because once hit by the charm you can be hit by a deadly combo.


Ahri is usually easy to trap

Even though Ahri has a dash that is annoying, but if you often fight him, you will realize that he is easily trapped. Little things like bush gank and also taking advantage of FoW are the basics against it. Not only that, skill traps like Jinx and Jhin skills can be useful against Ahri.


Zed is often a hard counter ahri

Of all the mid champions, you might say that Zed is Ahri’s hard counter. This Champion had almost all of Ahri’s weaknesses. Starting from high mobility, to deadly burst. At the same level, Zed is usually guaranteed to come out as the winner.


Watch out for blind spots

You have to learn this, blind spots are very important to avoid or at least be maintained. Most of the blind spots in Wild Rift are fog of war and as the name implies, blind spots are places or areas that are not visible. Ahri often does combos from blind spots with high damage.


Those are some tips on how to counter the Ahri Wild Rift. Even though it is very difficult and annoying, at least you have to fight with this counter of hers. Very annoying if you don’t handle it properly.


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