How To Counter Wolfrahh in Free Fire With Zero Damage Taken

Wolfrahh's ability is really notorious for the opponent, because it doesn't require a headshot to kill an enemy. The damage given by this character is nearly equal to a headshot damage.


Free Fire is one of the best battle royale game in android. There’s a lot of type of weapons and characters in the game with certain skills available in every character. You can also play squad with your friends or solo. Here we will explain you how to properly use certain Free Fire character. Recently, there’s a new character named Wolfrahh that is considered as one of the most overpowered character in the game. Now, we have some tips how to Counter Wolfrahh in Free Fire with zero damage taken

Wolfrahh’s ability is that he is able to kill an enemy without having to aim for a headshot. It’s because his skill is having a damage level equal to a headshot. There are various character combination available with Wolfrahh. But don’t worry, there are several ways to beat this character in Free Fire in this article below.

Don’t Aim For a Headshot

As you know it headshot is one of the most dangerous target to receive. However, Wolfrahh’s character is able to reduce his headshot damage. So it will be a wasteful chance if you try to aim for a headshot towards this character. So if you can, try to aim towards his upper body continuously to pin him. Don’t aim for a headshot too often, since it’s a wasteful opportunity if you try to do so.

Don’t Forget the Gloo Wall

This item’s ability is really useful, because you can block any attempt to kill you, no matter how big is the damage taken by this wall. Gloo Wall is highly effective when fighting against Wolfrahh, since the damage given by this character will not be affected for a long period of time. But when you use the Gloo Wall, try to stay careful with the enemy using this character. He can probably push forward and rush you from left to right. So when he’s spotted in a distance, you can try to flank him instead. Strike him from either side to confuse him.

Flanking Is The Best Option

If you can locate Wolfrahh from a distance, you can try to flank him to attempt a surprise attack. You can check out this tips on how to properly flank your enemy in Free Fire, in order to get better in flanking your enemy, especially this character. If your enemy is quite negligence, you can easily flank them without being spotted by the enemy. So if you try to flank an enemy or enemy squad, try not to get spotted while attempting to flank. When your team takes position and already locate the enemy position as well, try not to get spotted and push forward slowly and calmly.

While you now know how to counter Wolfrahh’s attack, you will surely get easier to beat him in a match. This character is quite notorious, so be careful when you fight one!