How to Get 29 Surprise Box Tokens Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends makes its players even happier with the various updates it carries out. As follows, you can find out how to get 29 Mobile Legends (ML) Surprise Box Tokens. You can find out about this, of course.

As a very popular and widely played game, Mobile Legends certainly doesn’t want to be left behind in providing updates to its content. This is indeed the attraction for the game.

For example, the presence of various events that appear is also an interesting thing for the game players to know, so that they can get more detailed information about some of the newest events.

Of course you can find out more information about this in the article, but there is also something interesting regarding Squad Names in Mobile Legends . So you can try it in the game for some of these lists.

Like the topic of discussion this time, there is an explanation of how to get 29 Surprise Box tokens in the MLBB game. With this information, you can find out how to get it later in the game.

How to Get 29 Surprise Box Tokens Mobile Legends (ML)

You can try claiming these 29 tokens later in the surprise box token event by completing the top up mission. Players will later be able to top up diamonds and get tokens to exchange for surprise box draw tickets.

Players of the Mobile Legends game will certainly not miss this because at the Surprise Box event itself, every time you draw you will get a skin. So you can use these tokens later.

In the Surprise Box event itself, players can have the opportunity to get skins from Normal, Elite, Special, Epic to Collector types. Surely the players don’t want to miss this event.

For those of you who are players of the MLBB game, this time you can find out how to claim the 29 surprise box tokens. So you can find out this time and can try it directly later.

So that was a brief explanation regarding how to claim the 29 surprise box tokens in the MLBB game this time. Of course, with this explanation you can also understand it and do you think the explanation is interesting?