How to Top Up Weekly Membership Lite in Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire, of course, you can also find various exciting things in the game. For example, this time you can find out how to Top Up Weekly Membership Lite Free Fire (FF). Obviously you can understand this.

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Regarding the discussion this time, you can find out how to top up weekly lite membership in the FF game. If you want to know more, please just look at the discussion below.

How to Top Up Weekly Membership Lite in Free Fire (FF)

Weekly Membership Lite has recently appeared in the Free Fire game. Where later for a week every day you can get diamonds, here are the methods you can try to do:

  1. Login Game Free Fire
  2. Select the diamond card image
  3. Next, you select membership
  4. Then select Weekly Lite
  5. Carry out the payment process
  6. Wait for the process
  7. Finished

Where, as previously explained, players can get 60 diamonds instantly and also 20 diamonds per day for a week. Of course you can get a total of 200 diamonds.

This is really exciting for you to try to follow, of course you also have to log in every day to get the diamonds. For those of you who play often, this is also quite easy to do.

Regarding this discussion, this time players from the FF game can find out how to top up Weekly Membership Lite. So that later you can immediately practice it in the game as a method.

That’s how we explained earlier how to top up Weekly Membership Lite in the MLBB game. Of course, that way you can understand it and is this discussion interesting for you to know?