How to use Selena ML the best assassin mage in Mobile Legends


Selena is a mage hybrid assassin hero who has 6 skills to play. This one hero is very difficult to use, which is where Selena’s skill combination really requires the right timing.

Selena is a hero carry with high damage in the Early Game, most of the Selena users often rush and disturb enemy farming at the start of the match.

Skill Set Selena Mobile Mobile Legends

Passive Skill: Symbiosis

Selena has two modes, First is Elven mode, which each skill gives an Abyssal Mark to the enemy to mark two Abyssal Marks. Second, in Abyssal Mode, every selena skill that hits the enemy will use one mark to give damage of around 290 to 500 magic damage.


Elven Form

Skill 1: Abyssal Trap

Selena will harass the Abyssal Devil at the desired location. If the enemy approaches, the mark will deal magic damage and reduce movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds.

Skill 2: Abyssal Arrow

Selena shoots the Abyssal arrow in the desired direction .. When it hits the enemy, it will deal magic damage and stun for up to 4 seconds.

Ultimate: Primal Drakness

Selena will bear fruit in Abyssal form and get a movement speed of 30%. In this form he can use Abyssal skills and bonus magic damage attacks.

Abyssal Form

Skill 1: Soul Eater

Selena will use Abyssal power and give magic damage to the next attack. This attack will provide a shield that can withstand any damgae.

Skill 2: Garrote

Selena will hit the enemy and give magic damage to all enemies in the area she attacks. If this skill is about Abysall Mark Selena, then this Cooldown skill will be removed.

Ultimate: Blessing of the Moon god

Selena will return in her Elven form and provide an additional 30% movement speed in a few seconds.

Selena ML’s Battle Spell and Emblem Set

Most commonly, Selena uses Retribution as her main spell, besides that she can also use flicker or aegis.

As for the emblem itself, Selena can use the Common Magic Emblen or the Custom Mage Emblem with the Impure Rage talent.

Best Item Build for Selena in Mobile Legends

To play Selena, you can use several items like the one above. CDR for how to play Selena by spamming more skills. Meanwhile, Burst damage is an item to make Selena’s damage more painful.

How to Play Selena in Mobile Legends

As a mage assassin, Selena is an active hero in the Early Game, you can use a combination of Abyssal to a certain lane or point to mark enemies.

Try to make Selena reach level 3, after that you can use it to rush into enemy territory. Only with level 3 Selena can activate all the skills she has.

While in the Mide Game, you can take advantage of the combination of Abyssal Trap and Soul Eater skills so you can farm faster. Don’t forget to always roam and disturb enemy farming with this combination.

There can be solo lane enemies, you can direct the Abyssal Arrow and initiate it.

In the Late Game, Selena has many shortcomings, ranging from damage lost by enemy marksman and many other heroes who have used magical defense. Now the way to play Selena when the late game is by helping the team when doing a team fight.

Most importantly, Selena, don’t be in a hurry to enter the team fight, wait until the enemy has exhausted all her ultimate and attacks at the last moment.


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