Jinx LOL Mobile Wild Rift Build Item, Full Deadly Damage!

What makes Jinx strong is that he is a very strong ADC with wide synergy. Playing with any support or tank, Jinx can enter.


Although rarely seen in the small ranks, Jinx is actually one of the best ADC champions right now. Very high aggressiveness, exorbitant damage output, and good kill capability makes it a terrible ADC. You need the right Jinx Wild Rift build item to make it even more deadly.

What makes Jinx strong is that he is a very strong ADC with broad synergy. Playing with any support or tank, Jinx can enter. This is what makes Jinx’s potential quite high and diverse. With the right build, Jinx can even snowball thanks to his passivity.

A full aggressive skill set without survivability makes Jinx the most suitable ADC for you to use in various ranks. Easy to learn, easy to use, and suitable for late game ADCs make it a favorite of many people. Therefore read on and use this build item.


Item Build Jinx LoL Wild Rift

Use the build items listed below to make Jinx a terrifying champion;


  • Infinity Edge
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Bloodthirster
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Guardian Angel

Here we will explain the Jinx Wild Rift build items that you can use. Very terrible in the late game, especially in team fight. If in team fight you manage to turn on passively, then Jinx can become a champion who can’t be stopped and keeps attacking.


Infinity edge

Certainly as a high damage increasing item, Infinity Edge is the right item. In the hands of Jinx, this item will be terrible thanks to the full offensive stat, attack damage and crit rate, as well as its effects. The Infinity effect is very important when increasing the damage output because increasing the critical effect can be useful for Jinx.


Gluttonous greaves

Actually, for the choice of shoes, Jinx is not fixated on just one. Generally, you will buy Gluttonous which is upgraded to anti CC. But if you find it difficult to buy Ninja Tabi or other shoes. Even the Hourglass upgrade isn’t wrong either. So try to adapt to the game.


Runaan’s hurricane

Runaan is a mandatory itme for Jinx. The reason is because this item will be very useful with a very good synergy. How not, the attack buff in skill 1 Jinx stack with this item if you use it properly. Not only that, the stat from Runaan which gives ASPD and crit rate will have an effect.


Phantom dancer

Apart from runaan, there are other ASPD items and crit rate. Phantom Dancer will also be an item that is very suitable for you Jinx users. The stats that are given are no joke, make you crit continuously every attack. Not only that the item effect is also very strong to take away. The Lifeline effect that will light up when you are dying can be used by Jinx.



This slot item is actually quite flexible. You can buy other items if you find it suitable. Bloodthirster is the first choice with a high damage stat and useful lifesteal. You can buy Mortal Reminder if you fight against many tankers. Maw can be an acuna against many APs.


Guardian angel

For Jinx’s last slot item, maybe you could say it’s quite flexible even though you want to take a Guardian Angel. This item is very useful if you are balanced or in a bad position because revives will turn things around. But if you are far superior, you can also buy other items.


Those are the Jinx Wild Rift build items that you can use. This build item will make Jinx even more deadly thanks to the very high damage output. You will feel good if you play in team fight, especially if you have full slot items.

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