Kai’sa Wild Rift Build Item, ADC Scaling Hight Late Game!


In the early game, Kai’sa was not a champion who might be called strong. Even the damage is somewhat inconsistent. But later when you get the items you need, Kai’sa will feel terrible. High damage, high mobility, burst, and sustain make Kai’sa a complete ADC.

It’s important for you to know what Kai’sa Wild Rift build items are right for you to use. Kai’sa has lots of build items because of his evolutionary passive mechanism. But here we will focus on pure ADC with high damage:

  • Manamune
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Infinity Edge
  • Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Guardian Angel

You can use this build item as a guide because Kai’sa is difficult to determine. But this build item is most common and most effective to focus on AD and ASPD which really helps itself as an ADC. Hybrid builds are not recommended.

Here, let’s discuss Kai’sa Wild Rift build items that can make it a terrible ADC. Of course this build item will emphasize high damage output and can also make your opponents inconvenient. Very suitable for use.



This item must be Kai’sa’s first item and can’t be missed. The reason for that is because everything Kai’sa needs, is in Manamune. Himself can get high AD, mana, and CDR. Especially when this item becomes Muramana, the evolution of skill 1 will be faster because of this very high AD.


Gluttonous greaves

For shoes, Kai’sa can buy Gluttonous thanks to a very useful lifesteal later. The other shoes aren’t so bad either if they need additional sustain. To upgrade, you can use anything depending on your needs. The most commonly used Quicksilver.


Infinity edge

Next, of course, is Infinity Edge. In this item, you usually have evolved in skill 1, which starts from Infinity Edge Kai’sa’s power spike will start to increase. From here you can deal high damage and make easy kills. critical will be very useful for him too.


Runaan’s hurricane

After you buy Inifinity Edge then Runaan is your target. Many things can benefit you with Runaan, especially ASPD for your 3rd skill. Runaan is suitable for Kai’sa’s farming tool and also for fighting where he can attach passively to all opposing teams.


Phantom dancer

You will need one more ASPD item and Phantom Dancer is perfect for Kai’sa. ASPD is needed because Runaan is not enough for your 3 skill evolution. Phantom Dancer with excellent stats also matches its effect on Kai’sa. Kai’sa is an ADC leaning forward and the Lifeline effect will be useful for clutching and duels.


Guardian angel

Guardian Angel can be your last item. Even though Kai’sa’s last item is quite flexible, you must prioritize Guardian Angel. In addition to the stat, of course the revive will be very useful because Kai’sa plays aggressively. You can change to other items that might be more suitable, but Guardian Angel is your best choice.


Use this Kai’sa Wild Rift build item to give yourself an edge. Kai’sa is not an easy ADC because he needs a lot of farm and must be played properly. But at least Kai’sa can be one of the best ADCs that you can use right now.


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