Maximize the M14 Free FIre Potential With These Pro Tips!

The new M14 just got buffed and it’s getting deadlier than before. However, the way this gun works will also differ than before.


Free Fire offers you many interesting things to utilize. And for those who play Free Fire recently, there’s a new update on June that players can enjoy in the game. Free Fire will always get better as time goes by, in order to gain more users every time. And after the recent updates, new weapons specification is also there for better playing experience. Here’s some tips on how to utilize the recently buffed M14 in Free Fire.

Maintain Your Distance with the Enemy

This weapon looks a lot like the SKS or the SVD, and M14 is one of the best assault sniper available in the game. Snipers is not as useful in close range, so it’s better to keep your distance with your enemy while wielding this weapon in your hand.


Positioning is really important in the game. Especially if you’re holding a sniper like the M14. To maximize the usage of this weapon, make sure you find a quite hidden space for you to shoot the enemy. An overwatch position is also good for the M14.

Fill the Second Weapon Slot

The M14 is less optimal in close range, so it’s better for you to find a weapon better for close range with a higher rate of fire. Like the P90, Scar, etc. The second weapon can be used for close range defense in case your enemy flanks your position.

That’s some tips that I can give you about the M14, now use it properly and go get your Booyah!