MLBB X WhatsApp Mystery Gift, How To Get & Fill The Gift!

Mobile Legends for the game of course you can find various things later. Like this time you can also find out MLBB X WhatsApp Mystery Gift, How to Get & Fill the Prize! Obviously you can try to see this time.

If you often play Mobile Legends games, of course you can try various things later in the game. So later you can try some of the latest content that is certainly interesting to have.

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MLBB X WhatsApp Mystery Gift

One of the interesting web events with MLBB X WhatsApp Mystery Gift prizes can be tried for you to get for sure. Where you can try it this time to get the prizes in the Mobile Legends game.

Of course, the prizes from the gift are certainly interesting to be obtained by the players. Therefore, you can also find out about what the prizes are and how to get them.

Isi MLBB X WhatsApp Mystery Gift

You can open the gifts which will contain Nana “Mecha Baby”, Kagura “Summer Festival”, Eudora “Flame Red Lips”, Franco “Masterchef”, Magic Dust x1, Hero Fragment ×1, or Rare Skin Fragment x1.

The prizes are certainly very interesting because you have the opportunity to get one of the skins. So for you guys, you can try to find out how to get it below.

How to Get Prizes

Open Event Web

You will later have to open one of the web events that you can try to do to get the prize later. Here is a link that you can open later:

Account Login

In addition, you can try to log in to your MLBB account. So that later the prizes you can get can be yours.

Follow the Instructions

Next, you can follow the instructions given to get the prize. Where later there will be a prize in the form of a redeem code that you can claim.

Prize Already Owned

Then finally you can just enter the redeem code given, then the prize will be available in the mail you have of course.

Clearly with this information, MLBB players this time can find out what WhatsApp Mystery Gift is like. Hopefully you can get the prize you want later from the event.

So, we have explained what the MLBB WhatsApp Mystery Gift is like for the contents and how to get it. Of course, with that you can understand and what do you think about the discussion?