Mobile Legends (ML) Secondary Password, Here’s How To Make It!


Some time ago Moonton introduced a new feature in the form of protection when you switch accounts. Many gamers, of course, try to install a secondary password, then how do you create a Mobile Legends secondary password?

For the sake of your account security, you can try to activate the Mobile Legends secondary password. This method aims to secure your Mobile Legends account from hacker attacks or anyone who enters your Mobile Legends account.

On this occasion, Esportku will provide an explanation of how to create a Mobile Legends secondary password, as well as a complete explanation of this feature, of course this is for the security of your account.

Secure your account and don’t lose it. If your account is lost, it will be very difficult to get it again.

In the following, we will explain in detail about mobile legends (ML) secondary passwords :

How ML Secondary Passwords Work

How to Create a Mobile Legends (ML) Secondary Password

The way this mobile legends (ML) secondary password works is to keep your account secure if someone might be able to access your account. When someone binds your account, they must enter the password first, otherwise the process will fail.

Not only bind, when someone is playing your mobile legends account and then sends the skin it will also be quite difficult because you have to enter a secondary password first. And yes, this feature helps you to be safe from various naughty hands.

How to Create a Mobile Legends Secondary Password

For that, you can create a Mobile Legends secondary password in the way that we will present below, and of course this method is very useful for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

First, please enter your Mobile Legends game, then enter the profile menu and press your Mobile Legends account settings.

Next, please give an example of the Secondary feature to create an Ml secondary password. You can add a password that you can use later.

Next, please tick an explanation of the feature and click OK.

Enter the 6 digit password that you want to use as a secondary password. Then verify the password by re-entering it.

Press OK and then you have successfully activated secondary ML password easily.

How? Very easy right? With this, you have secured your Mobile Legends account from naughty hands, and of course this will protect your account from hackers. Now your account is safe.

Mobile Legends account security is of course the main thing, because you spend a lot of money to buy skins and other items in the Mobile Legends game. Many people may have spent millions to hundreds on this one game.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use a secondary password for the Mobile Legends game to secure the advanced level of your Mobile Legends account. And of course, you don’t have to worry anymore if your account gets hacked.

So that’s all for a review on how to easily create an ML secondary password in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully what we present above can be useful for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. See you later!