Nami Build Item Support LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Nami is one of the champions who can heal and buff with her skills, then attack enemies using area and cc skills and this nmi build item in mobile wild rift


Item Build is very important for you to pay attention to because it can increase the skills you have and strengthen the champions you use. Support is usually when playing, has a little gold. This is because he has to give the gold to the ADC, which requires gold to strengthen his attacks. Here we discuss the items and champions in the wild rift.

Nami is one of the champions who can heal and buff with her skills, then attack the enemy using area and cc skills. By using the skills of this champion, you can become strong support. Of course, you have to be able to play well, so you can use skills more effectively in attacking enemies and protecting the team. However, you also have to use the right items.

Nami’s build items usually use items that can give buffs to friends or shields that can help her protect herself. Even though he will have the least amount of gold compared to other champions, you must be able to use the right items too.


Nami build item support LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Nami support build item is quite confusing. The following are tips regarding the build item, which can be seen below:


  • Ardent Censer
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Protectors Vow
  • Athenes Unholy Grail
  • Harmonic Echo
  • Adaptive Helmet
  • Redeeming Enchantment

Here we will provide tips regarding the Build Nami Support Items in Wild Rift, which you can use. If you are confused about using the items used by Nami, you can try this existing build item.


Ardent censer

This one item will give Nami cooldown reduction and power abilities in using skills. The important thing about this item is actually the buff that is on the item effect. When you give a heal or shield to a friend’s champion, they will get a buff that can increase their basic attack. This buff can also be stacked with Nami’s buff, making it stronger for supported champions.


Ionian boots of lucidity

This one item will give you assistance in using skills. Of the boots in the wild rift, this item is perfect for nami who is active in using skills. By using this item, Nami will get an additional cooldown reduction. So that he can use the skill faster, and help the team fight the enemy.


Protectors vow

Items that will provide shields when exposed to damage are one of the support items that can provide survivability. This item will provide a shield to you and your friends, if it is damaged by the champion. The shield is scaled from your power abilities, so the shields you get will be a lot.


Athenes unholy grail

Items that will provide additional healing for champions. You can collect a stack which will give you as much heal as the stack you collect. By collecting stacks of these items, you can heal your friends more. To collect the stack, you can attack the enemy. By attacking an enemy champion, this item will provide the stack.


Harmonic echo

This item will also give heal when you give heal or shield to your friends. This item is different from the previous item, how to collect the stack you can attack the enemy or use skills. That way you can activate the effect of this item faster.


Adaptive helmet

Items that will give you magic resist against mages in the wild rift. This item will also allow you to withstand magical enemy attacks from the effects of this item, so you won’t die easily when fighting enemies using magical damage.


Redeeming enchantment

items to heal. This item is an enchantment of the boots that you can use. By using this item, you can give additional heal when team fight. The healing given from this item is also high enough for you to use it, allowing you to help the team keep blood safe.


Those are the Tips regarding the Build Item for Nami Support in Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this item, you can attack the enemy more easily. You can change several items, to suit the conditions of the battle as well.

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