Play Call of Duty Mobile in a Pro Player CODM Way

Call of Duty game has a lot of diverse gameplay features in it, you should really think of a mature strategy to play this game!


Call of Duty game has a lot of diverse gameplay features in it, you should really think of a mature strategy to play this game. Playing for hours but doesn’t have good development progress must be vain.

On this occasion, I will discuss some tips on how to play the game Call of Duty. This is made for the beginners to know how to play the right one so it is not in vain to downloaded it. Here are 5 simple tips to play the Call Of Duty Ala Pro Player CODM you should know!

1. Keep Playing on ranked Match

The first step is to prioritize ranked matches. There are three modes in this Call of Duty game, Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Ranked Match. Here, you must prioritize ranked matches first because you will get more XP through ranked matches. In addition, by playing ranked matches there are also many free skins in it.

2. Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Weapon

The next tip is to upgrade weapons. Weapon upgrades are very important to do. It can make the weapons you have stronger and deadly to kill enemies. Some increase weapons upgrades such as damage, recoil, mobility, and others. The stronger your weapon, the greater your chance of winning when you play call of duty mobile.

3. Complete All Challenge!

Why do we have to complete all challenges? By completing the challenge, you will get a huge profit later. When the challenge has been completed, you will get an item or point. With these items, you can upgrade your weapons to make them stronger. In addition, you can also buy weapons through points obtained. So, you can play Call Of Duty Mobile in a Pro Player CODM Ways which has a sick weapon.

4. Hunt Enemies To Kill As Much As Possible

Playing Call of Duty Mobile with CODM Player must be able to get as many kills as possible. The more kills you get, the faster your KD ratio increases. In addition, you will also get an XP bonus from the number of kills obtained. Therefore, you must kill as many enemies as possible so that the level continues to rise.

5.  Keep Turning On Your Aim Assist!

The final step is to keep your Aim Assist on. This aim assist function can make the gameplay easier to aim at as many enemies as possible. If the aim assist is turned off, it can make it difficult for you to face the enemy. Especially for beginners, of course, you want to fight enemies easily right? Therefore, do not turn off this one feature.

Some tips on playing Call Of Duty Mobile Ala Pro Player CODM above are very important to be done by novice players Call of Duty. This can make it easier for you to play against enemies to win the match. The longer you practice, the faster your ability to play Call of Duty will be faster. Maybe that’s just some information about playing tips Call of Duty Mobile Ala Pro Player CODM that I can convey, hopefully useful, thank you.