Price of KOF 97 Skin in Mobile Legends (ML)?

Mobile Legends certainly presents many interesting things that you can try to find out about. For example, like this time, can you find out about the explanation regarding the KOF 97 Mobile Legends (ML) Skin Price? So with this you can understand it.

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In this article, you will find out about the price of the KOF 97 Skin in the MLBB game. Of course, for this you can find out what the explanation is like and therefore you can just see it in the article.

Price of KOF 97 Skin in Mobile Legends (ML)?

The price of the KOF 97 skin itself requires around 6,000 to 10,000 diamonds. This is done because you will do gacha at the KOF bingo event in the Mobile Legends game, of course.

So you need approximately 30 to 50 draws to be able to complete the bingo. Of course, this requires a lot of diamonds to get one of the skins later in the game.

This time, the King of Fighter 97 skin series will bring 3 new heroes, namely Valir “Kyo”, Paquito “Terry” and Masha “Mai. These three skins are the ninth skins for the KOF series in the MLBB game this time.

You can get this skin later on April 24 2024 in the game. You can note down the schedule for these skins to get one of the skins for that hero and who knows, if you are a user of one of the heroes, you can collect the skin later.

Regarding the discussion this time, MLBB game players can understand what the prices of the existing KOF 97 skins are like. So you can understand it and can try to collect diamonds, of course.

There has been a clear discussion about the price for the KOF 97 skin in the MLBB game for you to understand. Of course, with this you can understand and do you think the discussion this time is interesting?