Price of the Harley Star Magician Skin Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has several new updates that are interesting to play. You can see the explanation later in the article regarding the Price of the Harley Star Magician Mobile Legends (ML) Skin. You can find out more detailed information about this now.

Especially for fans of the Mobile Legends game, they will definitely agree that the game is getting more interesting with every update provided. This is due to the existence of various new features that can be explored and played.

One of the interesting things you should know about these updates is about skins, among other things. Information regarding what it looks like and how to get it, you definitely want to know the details.

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Later, maybe after seeing several lists of squad names, the players can try one of them. That way, your squad will become more interesting, of course, by using one of these squad names.

Below in this article, we will provide an explanation of the price of the Harley Star Magician skin in the MLBB game. Of course, if you are curious about this information, just look at the following article.

Price of the Harley Star Magician Skin Mobile Legends (ML)

The Harley Star Magician skin can be obtained for just 100 diamonds this time in the game. This is because the skin for the mage hero is the first skin purchased later in season 32 in the Mobile Legends game.

Where the skin will be released on March 16 2024, which is the start of season 32, you can try buying it straight away. The skin that will have an elite type is indeed interesting enough for players to buy.

For the first skin purchase itself, there are indeed several changes that occur, such as the appearance or effects that will be given later. So for those of you who are Harley hero users, you can try buying this skin.

Regarding this information, you MLBB game players can also know about the price of the skin for the Harley hero. So players can try to collect diamonds later when buying the skin.

That’s a brief explanation of the price for the Harley Star Magician skin in the MLBB game this time. Hopefully with this explanation you can understand and what do you think about the explanation this time?