Recommend Use Of Runes Lux LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Lux is a champion who is quite flexible in role, because he can fill support and mid laner depending on how he plays and build items.


Each champion does have a different way of playing for you to use. Some have poke skills that are quite easy to use, and some have burst skills that can inflict high damage in just a few skills. By knowing how to play each champion, you can use skills more effectively. In addition, you also have to use runes and spells well. Here we will discuss the wild rift runes and champions.

Lux is a champion who is quite flexible in role, because he can fill support and mid laner depending on how he plays and build items. By using different build items, he can fill roles easily. Suppose you want to make it support, you can use an item that lowers cd reduction. If you want to make it a full AP in the mid lane, you can use items that can increase its ability power.

Apart from build items, you also have to pay attention to the use of runes. Each runes has a skill that you can use in playing. There are those who can help you in increasing a champion’s stat and some can help you attack your enemies.

  1.   Mid Lane Lux
  • Electrocute
  • Brutal
  • Regeneration
  • Where’s Flowband
  1.   Support Lux
  • Summon Aery
  • Weakness
  • Loyalty
  • Pack Hunter

The use of these runes is based on experience playing wild rift in using lux mid lane or support. So, if something goes wrong, you can change it according to how you play.

Here we will provide tips regarding the Recommended Runes and Spells Lux in the Wild Rift, which you can use. By using the right runes, you can fight enemies more easily and improve your playing skills.


Mid lane lux

Mid Lane Lux focuses more on its stat on power abilities and uses runes that can give it additional damage to attack enemies. With the runes below, you can attack with high enough damage.



This rune can help Lux in dealing damage to enemies. Lux’s combo skill is very easy to use, making this one very powerful to use. If you attack 3 enemies, the enemy will get a bonus damage that is high enough and is scaling based on your power abilities.



When you fill the mid lane as a source of damage, of course you need high damage. By using this rune, you will get Abiliti power and magic penetration that can penetrate enemies. So, your attacks will be even stronger than before. You can also use other runes, but this rune can increase your lux damage.



One item can help Lux in maintaining the mid lane. With this rune, Lux can fill her blood with enough ease, and survive on the lane more easily.


Where’s the flowband

This one item will help you keep your mana full and increase the maximum mana you can use. Lux can provide poke quite easily on enemies. Each poke damage will increase the maximum mana that Lux has. So, you can have a very high maximum mana with this rune.


Support lux

Support Lux usually uses runes that can help guard the team and provide buffs. His strength in providing cc and poke damage allows him to attack enemies and stop enemy movements. Not only that, his skills can provide shields, allowing him to keep the team well.


Summon aery

Runes that will help you guard your team and attack your enemies. When you provide a shield, buff or heal to a team champion, your friend will also get an additional shield from this rune. However, if you attack the enemy with damage skills, the enemy will get additional DoT from this rune. The rune is very suitable for support when you want to keep friends or attack enemies.



Lux has immobile skills that are quite strong and can hit 2 enemies at once. By using this rune, the enemy who is hit by the immobile will receive which makes the damage received increase.



With this rune, you can withstand enemy attacks more easily. You will get 2 armor for attack armor and 5 magic armor. In addition, friends near you will also get armor that can be stacked if you use the same runes.


Hunter pack

This rune will provide additional lux of movement speed when with a team champion. In addition, you and the champion near you will also get an additional gold of 50 Gold, if you defeat the enemy.

Those are some tips regarding the Recommended Runes and Spell Lux in Wild Rift, which you can try. In using runes, you can attack enemies more easily. Some runes can also help you in supporting your team. So, you have to use it well.