Recommended Runes Annie LOL Wild Rift

Annie can be said to be one of the terrible champions. This is thanks to the nuke damage from the AP which is not playfully high.


For those of you who want to play Annie, of course there are also very important ones. In addition to build items, also understand the recommendations for this Annie Wild Rift rune. With the right runes you can increase the effectiveness of your champions. Annie also doesn’t have many options, so it doesn’t bother too much.

Annie can be said to be one of the terrible champions. This is thanks to the nuke damage from the AP which is not playfully high. But even if the damage is high, this comes at the expense of mobility. Annie doesn’t have escape or survivability skills which of course make her easy to gank.

For those of you who are curious about what Annie’s rune recommendations are like, you can see below. Of course, it has been formed in such a way as to increase his potential. But if you want to change it doesn’t matter.



  • Electrocute
  • Brutal
  • Regeneration
  • Manaflow Band


  • Flash
  • Ignite

Esports have created  for those of you who are still confused about the best choice Annie can use for her runes. Annie is actually better off focusing on damage and the main problem, which is where. So don’t bother with the choice later for you to use.

Here, let’s discuss the recommendations for Annie Wild Rift runes that you can use for your game. Annie is very strong and cannot be underestimated. With high damage, Annie can crush opponents very easily, especially with her combo and stunlock.



As for runes, Annie actually doesn’t have that many choices. The most important thing is to focus on damage and which ones you can easily cover. If you were planning to replace the runes listed below, it probably wouldn’t be that different. Damage and mana remain the main focus.



To increase Annie’s damage even further, Electrocute is your best choice. With this key rune, Annie’s burst damage will be even higher. Especially with the bonus damage, Annie’s combo can be very painful and can effectively do a solo kill.



Brutal offers quite attractive stats and penetration. With this rune at least Annie’s damage can be boosted even further. There are some who use Triumph, Hunter Vampirism, or Gathering Storm. It just depends on your needs and Brutal is better usually.



Annie who is very wasteful about her mana, especially if she keeps spamming, definitely needs to be fixed. Regeneration at least helps a little with the mana regen. You can use it as the main rune and maybe it can be replaced. But it is not recommended to replace it.


Manaflow Band

Manaflow Band is the most mandatory rune for Annie, without this rune where Annie would be very leaky. Moreover, this rune is very good in combination with Annie’s skill 1 which can be spam and get mana back every time it is used. Cannot be changed to other runes.



As for the choice of spells, Annie doesn’t have many choices either. This champion is quite straightforward, just focus on damage. Annie’s weakness is that she doesn’t have the mobility and surivability, therefore it will be closed with the runes and spells in Wild Rift.



Annie’s weakness in mobility can at least be patched a little with Flash. By using Flash, Annie can do many things. Starting from running away, chasing, and repositioning when starting to be cornered. The main thing is to keep your distance from your opponent



Ignite will be very important for Annie, especially for securing kills. With Adri Ignite’s additional damage, the opponent will have a very difficult time escaping from Anne. Additional damage as damage to Annie will be very pronounced, especially Ignite’s anti-heal effect which might be very useful.


Those are the recommendations for Annie Wild Rift runes that you can use. He is very strong thanks to the chaotic damage output. Especially in teamfight where Tibber, who becomes Annie’s ultimate, can easily mess up your opponents. It’s just that it’s easy to kill for being squishy.


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