Ruby Soul Reaper Skin Released Soon in Mobile Legends (ML), Date & Price!

Mobile Legends is a game that will bring many things that will definitely be interesting for the players. As is the case regarding the Ruby Soul Reaper Skin, Mobile Legends (ML) Release Soon, Date & Price! That way you can understand it later.

For those of you who play the Mobile Legends game quite often, you will certainly explore various things in the game. Because you will definitely find lots of new content in the game to play.

Moreover, there are several updates which continue to contain several skins that will be released later. Of course, this also makes the players curious about how to get it later.

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Below you can find out about the Soul Reaper ruby ​​skin which will soon be released, the date and price in the MLBB game. For those of you who want to know, you can just see what it looks like this time.

Ruby Soul Reaper Skin Released Soon in Mobile Legends (ML), Date & Price!

Ruby Soul Reaper, a special skin for the hero Ruby in Mobile Legends, provides a different appearance with a girly feel for the hero. Dominated by a feminine purplish pink color, Ruby wears a hat decorated with feathers and her giant scythe is clad in the same color. 

Even though he looks cute and elegant, his sharp eyes show that his fierce side is still there. The unique combination of feminine and fierce makes this skin so attractive and special.

Skin Release Date

This skin will be released in the game on June 8, 2024. So players will be able to get a special type of skin for the fighter hero in the MLBB game, of course this time.

Skin Prices

For the price of the skin itself, players can prepare 749 diamonds. Because this skin is included in the Special type skin which is almost the same as similar skins for the diamonds needed.

It is clear that with information like that, players from the MLBB game this time can find out about the Ruby Soul Reaper skin. So you can note down the schedule and you can also collect diamonds of course.

So we explained earlier about the special skin for the hero Ruby Soul Reaper regarding the date and price for release in the MLBB game. Of course, that way you can understand it and what do you think about the discussion?