Skin Famas Black Lava Free Fire (FF), How to Obtain and Release Date!

Free Fire has released lots of new updates that are varied enough for you to try playing now. Then there is a Famas Black Lava Free Fire (FF) Skin, players will be ready to have a prize like this. Judging from its appearance, the Famas Black Lava Skin itself is quite interesting and will definitely be very exciting for you to use in the game.

Moreover, some of the updates that are available make us even more enthusiastic about playing the game right away. Especially finding some of the game features that you won’t miss, it will be something very interesting for players to take advantage of now.

Then a choice of Cool FF Names that have been provided, this can bring quite an interesting impression to the players. Because it will make the account more popular, many people know and can make us enter the leaderboard more confident than before.

Then for the presence of the Famas Black Lava Free Fire (FF) Skin, you will know more about this now. As one of the cool and unique Famas Skins, of course Black Lava can be one of the players’ collections so that when they play it will be cool.

Skin Famas Black Lava Free Fire (FF)

  1. Log into the Free Fire game first to have the Famas Black Lava Skin.
  2. When you have entered the game, select the Luck Royale section which is available for players to use.
  3. From here you can Spin using the Faded Wheel or Token Wheel, then use Diamonds to immediately get the prize.
  4. Through the Faded Wheel, you have to remove 2 prizes first, so that you can then spin with 1200 Diamonds ready to guarantee you will get it.
  5. But if you use the Token Wheel, 1 Spin 9 Dm and 5 Spin 39 Dm, so you can immediately spin to receive a prize.
  6. After you succeed in getting a prize like this, we can immediately try to have a cool Famas Skin like this.
  7. This skin will first appear in August 2024, players can prepare the Diamonds first, so they don’t miss out on this prize very easily.

Having a gift in the form of this Famas Black Lava Skin is indeed cool, it can make you shoot the hottest sparks to your opponent. The skin that of course gives a red color to the bullets, there are even special effects that of course you won’t miss with this appearance.

Skin Famas Black Lava Free Fire (FF)

So that you will look strong with your skin, just understand the Tips for Using Famas Free Fire , so that your attacks will run smoothly. So that later we won’t have any difficulties with this, because this really has quite an impact on the battle you will face.

If you already know the Famas Black Lava Free Fire (FF) Skin, then we can immediately get this prize so that it becomes a new collection. You will look cool by having a gift like this, just go ahead and collect a gift like that right now.

Especially if the presence of the Best Free Fire Famas Skin can make it into a really cool collection like this. It’s really suitable for you to just use it straight away and you can use it if you have one of these.