Some Term Among Us That You Should Know

of course as a game, among us has various terms, some of term that you should know in among us when you playing this game.


Playing Among Us is really fun. Moreover, if it done with known friends, the game will not be far from accusing one another. There are some terms among us that you should know.

because Among Us is a game, it is not uncommon for players to be confused in dealing with terms that exist in the game or those made by players.

Therefore, here are some terms in Among Us that you can use to help your game in Among Us look even more contemporary!



Impostor sometimes forgets that he was killing a Crewmate within CCTV range and unfortunately, someone saw the incident. The following is an example of CCTV Kill.


Vent Kill

First, Vent kills usually refer to Impostors who immediately switch places using Vent after killing. The sign of the Kill vent is Crewmate who was killed near the Vent and who finds out that Crewmate was killed not long ago.


Double kill

Double kills are usually done by 2 Impostors by killing simultaneously at the same time. This method is usually done if Impostor both have the same thoughts.



META or stands for Most Effective Tactics is a strategy that is carried out by both Impostors and Crewmates in order to win when playing.



Task is a job that Crewmate must do to win the game. The faster the Crewmate does the task, the greater the chance for Crewmate to win.


Self Report

Self Report is a term used when an impostor reports a corpse he has killed. This is usually done to cover himself up as an Impostor.


Skip Vote

this is a common step when conducting reports / emergency meetings, but it is still unclear who the impostor is. Skip vote is an act of not voting against anyone.



Maybe Doorlog is something that is very difficult for Among Us players to take advantage of. Doorlog is a feature that presented on the Mira HQ map that can record every player’s movement that passes through the sensor.


Remove Trash / Downloads / Swipe Cards

Therefore, usually players will mention the details of their work such as swiping cards, downloading, removing trash, shooting meteors, and scans.


So, those are some terms in Among Us that you can use when playing. You can try it when you play later!

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