Starwars Event 2024 Mobile Legends (ML), Schedule, Skin & How To Get!

Mobile Legends has released some interesting new updates for you to try. Like this time you can also see about the Starwars 2024 Mobile Legends (ML) Event, Schedule, Skin & How to Get! Of course you can see it this time.

If players of the Mobile Legends game often play the game, it is certainly not surprising to continue to see some of its latest updates. So that later you can try various new and exciting things.

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So in this article we will discuss the Starwars event including the schedule and how to get it in the MLBB game. Of course, you can try to find out what this time is like and of course you can understand it too.

Starwars Event 2024 Mobile Legends (ML)

The latest update for the Starwars event itself will be back in the game which is estimated to be present in August or September 2024. That way you can get the Starwars skin back in Mobile Legends.

Of course, the event is highly anticipated by players because of some of the skins that will be available later. Here you can also find out what the skins are like and how to get them later in the game.

Skin Event Starwars

Where later in the Starwars event itself, players can get the skin series for heroes such as Alucard, Cyclops, Argus and Kimmy. Of course, for users of these heroes, it is quite interesting to have.

In addition, later in the event there will definitely be several other types of skins that can be obtained by players. So don’t miss it, of course, so you can participate in the event.

How to Get Starwars Skin

Login Game

The first way of course that you have to do later is to log into the game. That way you can find out what the event is like.

Open Starwars Event

Next, after logging in, you can immediately open the event where players can try to draw.

Draw or Gacha

The next step you can try to draw with 100 diamonds for 1x draw and 1000 diamonds for 10x draw. So you can try to draw in the event.

Skin Already Owned

If you are lucky, you can get the skin during a draw or you can also collect crests that can be exchanged in the event shop.

Earlier we have given a little information that players can know from the MLBB game about what the Starwars event is like. Of course, with that you can understand and what do you think about the discussion?

As we have explained earlier about the Starwars event in the MLBB game so you can see the schedule. Clearly with the discussion you can understand and what do you think about the topic?