Sverr New Character in Free Fire (FF)


Free Fire offers you many interesting things to utilize. And for those who play Free Fire recently, there’s always some updates that players can enjoy in the game. There’s also character feature that players can choose in the game. Free Fire will always get better as time goes by, in order to gain more users every time. Garena as the developer of the game, is always updating and renewing the game as time goes by. Some of the features that is always updated is the characters in Free Fire. There is a new character coming up in Free Fire. Here we have some information on Sverr new character in Free Fire that you need to know.

Sverr New Character in Free Fire

Lately, there are many new stuff coming up in Free Fire that players are highly anticipate for it to come. If you want to check out the new stuff coming up, don’t forget to login to the Free Fire advanced server. You need to know that you no longer need to login to facebook to enter the advanced server anymore. So logging in to the server should be easier, and we hope that you become the lucky 50 thousand players that is able to join the server.

In the server, there are many leaks about the new features that is going to be released to the original server later on. Other than Sverr, there is also a new chraracter called Jai. Jai is also available for players to try in the server.

For other new character leaks, there is another new character called Sverr. His background character is a powerful viking fighter. You can try this character in the advanced server.

This new character has a claim that he can increase his damage by using his HP. He is a 29 years old man, born in January 10th. His character can be one of the most powerful character later on in Free Fire.

Powerful Attack with Primitive Damage!

His power is called primitive damage, where he can use his HP to increase his damage as he attacks an enemy. This character’s skill is really useful for players to use to kill an enemy fast. So don’t miss the chance to try out this character’s strength in the advanced server.

Sverr’s skill will definitely become the new meta in Free Fire. Everytime he uses his skill to increase damage, there is some HP that he need to compensate. So this character is definitely suitable to combine with Luqueta in Free Fire.

As the only nordic character in Free Fire, this can be an interesting character to use later in the game. This character will be more useful if you combine it with Kapella as a healer.

And that’s some information on the new character Sverr in Free Fire. Make sure to follow esportsku on instagram for more tips to come!