Upcoming Update Game Among Us 2


Among Us developer Innersloth, plans to make a sequel of the game Among Us, namely Among Us 2. Maybe will be released in August 2021 next year. there will be many new things given and of course this could just be as popular as the previous game. Here we will discuss more about the game from Innersloth, namely Among Us.

Among Us has become very popular and widely played, because it is one of the fun games to play and of course F2P. This game was not popular before, but it turns out that there are many reasons that make among us popular again. Some people said that the game Among Us will be blocked by Kominfo. This has made Among Us more famous in Indonesia. Many YouTubers also play this game in one of their videos and even stream it.

It turns out that there is info from Innersloth about the 2nd Squel Among Us. Many new things will be given in this new game. It is reported that among us will be issued in August 2021 next year. Not only that, they also provide Leak about 5 big updates that will come in Among Us 2. However, maybe this game will not be free, so you have to pay to play it. Of course, if you buy Among us on Steam, you can get a special price for buying Among Us 2.

Here we will provide info Upcoming Among Us 2. Many new things will come in Among us 2 this time. This is still a leak and it possible that changes will be made, so this just a leak. The game may be out next year in August.


The Thing About Among Us 2



In Among Us 2, it is possible that the lobby you occupy will be wider. Previously, 1 room or lobby could only be occupied by 10 players. Among Us 2 is reported to have a wider lobby with a maximum player limit of 12 to 15 players. Of course, this way, you can play with more people.



Among us before, you can play on 3 different maps. Reportedly Among us 2 will delete the old map and be replaced by a new map. It is uncertain about the new map that will come, maybe it will be better or wider than the previous map. It will definitely be fun to wait for.



Previously Among Us only had 2 roles, Crewmate and Impostor. There is a possibility that there will be a new role in Among Us 2. The matter regarding the new role is still unclear, but it is likely that this will add to the fun of playing and make the game more exciting than ever.



Maybe for those of you who don’t know, there is a Cheat Among Us that has been used recently. You cannot do reports on Among Us before. However, reportedly Among Us 2 will have a reporting system. So you can report players who use cheats, possibly getting banned.



Matchmaking in Among Us 2 is rumored to be fixed. Previously there was a bug that annoyed when Matchmaking maps were different. So, there will be improvements regarding matchmaking to come.


That’s the thing about Among Us 2 . With the popular game Among Us, made by Innersloth try to make a sequel to this game. There may be more fun things to play, with new features to come.

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