Update Fragment Shop June 2024 Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released lots of new updates that are very diverse for you to know. Then there is a Fragment Shop Update June 2024  Mobile Legends (  ML ), players can immediately understand all this right now. Because there is also an update in the game, it could be something interesting enough for us to get to know everything quite quickly.

Moreover, with some of the good things in the Mobile Legends game, there is quite a variety of things available. Especially some good features for the players, so you won’t miss these things and it’s also suitable to take advantage of the game right now.

Then there is a Mobile Legends Hero Role Type that you can recognize now, it could be something very important. Because by utilizing a role like that, it will definitely make it easier for players to use combos to win later.

Then, to get to know the Fragment Shop June 2024  Mobile Legends (  ML ) Update, you will understand more about it. So that we will also understand things like this more, we will understand more so that later we can choose one of them.

Update Fragment Shop June 2024 Mobile Legends (ML)


  • Lancelot – Dark Earl
  • Franco – Apocalypse
  • Guinevere – Lotus
  • Valir – Dictator
  • Clint – Rock and Roll

Some of the skins will appear in the Fragment Shop in June 2024, so  Mobile Legends players can immediately exchange them all. This way we will definitely get huge profits, because some of these skins will be something very useful.

Update Fragment Shop June 2024 Mobile Legends (ML)

Because the Fragment Shop in June 2024 will offer several special prizes for you to get now. This allows you to exchange several other special prizes that are available, so you can collect the Starlight Skin that appears from here.

Moreover, for the update in June 2024 itself, the Fragment Shop provides special items that players can use later. Because that way you can just choose the Starlight or Normal Skin that you don’t have at all in the Fragment Shop Update like that.

After we know about the June 2024  ML Fragment Shop Update , you will get the prize right now. So various changes have appeared in the following latest update, so players will take advantage of cool skin prizes from here right now.

Look at some of the Starlight Free Fire Skin Lists that you can immediately find out about everything like that. Of course, this way players will easily use this and be ready to have a collection from Starlight through existing exchanges.