Uranus Mech Protector Special Skin Will Be Removed in Mobile Legends (ML)?

In the Mobile Legends game, players can definitely try the release of the existing updates. This time, can you find out that the Special Uranus Mech Protector Skin will be removed in Mobile Legends (ML)? It’s clear that you can understand this later.

The frequent updates that continue to appear in the Mobile Legends game will definitely bring new things for you to try later. You can also try it later in the game for some of the newest content.

Of course, the latest information on various things in the game really makes players even more curious. So you really need to know this and then you can play it straight away.

You can find a more detailed discussion later in the article below, but there’s no harm in those of you who want to know about this discussion regarding the newest Squad Name in Mobile Legends .

It’s clear that when you see the discussion, you can immediately use one of the existing squad names. So you can also use this to use one of the names and make it cooler.

This time we will discuss the special Uranus Mech Protector skin, will it be removed later in the MLBB game? If you are curious about this, you can just look at it this time for the details.

Uranus Mech Protector Special Skin Will Be Removed in Mobile Legends (ML)?

There is a new update regarding Group features and modes, Conquest of Dawn and Arena Contest will be removed on June 19 2024. This indicates that the Special Uranus Mech Protector skin will also disappear later in the Mobile Legends game.

Indeed, later the Conquest of Dawn or Arena Contest itself will be replaced with the Rising League tournament in the MLBB game. Maybe in this tournament you can try to get the skin for the hero Uranus.

Even though there are leaks from this event, there are no prizes for this Special type of skin. Let’s just wait for the latest update for this skin which will soon be released again in the game.

For those of you players who want to try to get this skin, you can try it before the specified date. Because it might also happen that this skin will become a limited skin in the MLBB game.

From this information, you players of the MLBB game can find out what kind of Special Uranus Mech Protector Skin will be removed. So you can get the latest updates and you can look forward to them

That was a brief discussion about how the Special Uranus Mech Protector skin will be removed in the MLBB game. It is clear from this information that you can find out and what do you think about the discussion this time?