Use the Deadly Weapon Free Fire Shotgun

Look for weapons that are suitable for short, medium and long distances. This weapon is really needed to fight with other players who also have weapons.


What weapon is that? Yup the weapon is a Shotgun. This weapon has close range shooting power which is very painful. Shotgun itself has its own uniqueness that is the bullet that can be broken when shot right, so the bullet that will be received by the enemy is not just 1 bullet, but it can be up to 5 and 10 small bullets resulting from shrapnel the main bullet. Its Damage is not half-hearted, it can directly make your enemy fall in one shot with a close distance.

However, Shotgun also has a trick and how to use it too so that you are not wrong in carrying out attacks with very close range. If you don’t understand the trick to playing the right shotgun, then you will also be very easily killed by enemies who have weapons that equivalent to the shotgun.


We will give you some deadly Tricks of Free Fire shotgun weapons

  1. Don’t shoot from medium range or long range

Shotgun is a weapon specialist for short distances. So this weapon is only specialized for enemies that are quite close, if you try to attack enemies who have a medium or long range with this weapon, then your shots and bullets will be in vain. Shotgun bullets do explode, but if the enemy is in a medium range, the broken bullets will not have damage that can kill your enemy.


2. Shoot enemies at close range

This is indeed mandatory for Shotgun users. The enemy distance must be close if shot with this weapon. Enemy who are shot will receive a fairly large damage because a broken bullet will directly hit your enemy.

3. Prepare weapons for medium range

This is also quite important because if the enemy you shoot with a Shotgun is not dead or knocked, there is a chance that they will escape from you. Therefore provide weapons that have a medium or long range to make enemies who run away from you die or knock.

4. Frequently reloads on Shotgun

Although Shotgun has a fairly high strength and damage, but Shotgun also has the fewest Magazine compared to other weapons. You have to reload this weapon often, even if only 1 bullet is empty. This needs to be done so that you are ready for the next close combat.

5. You must have high courage

If you do battle at close range, you must have a fairly high courage. You have to be brave against enemies who have weapons like AR even though you are close. If you do close combat, you must dare to make enemies afraid and always attack them with a Shotgun, so that enemies who attack you will die or knock.


Can you really understand how to use Shotgun Free Fire’s deadly weapon now? Don’t Forget To BOOYAH!