Using the Camper Free Fire Strategy on the FF Map

One of the strategies that you can use in Battle Royale games like Free Fire.


This time, we will discuss about one of the strategies that you can use in Battle Royale games like Free Fire. Barbarian strategy is a powerful strategy for rush, but it has a few things that you must understand.

This strategy is one strategy that is often used to become a pro player. This strategy has several strengths and weakness that you should know about. 

The advantages of this strategy:

  • Used to prepare a strategy that you can use to fight enemies and become safer when fighting.
  • It is suitable as a defense in a safe zone.
  • Very useful in the middle of the game, you can wait for enemies to come or wait for their numbers are few.

The weaknesses of this strategy:

  • Playing this way quickly makes you bored and your war skills will not increase.
  • You can suddenly flanked by the enemy.

We also have several positions or locations that are suitable to be used as hiding places that you can use to implement the Camper Free Fire strategy on the FF Map, where are these locations?

  1. Above the roof of the Central House

At this location, Central has a lot of building houses that are quite high and quite safe if you want to hide above the roof.


If you want to hide in the Central Roof, you have to bring three Gloo Walls that are used to go up on the roof.

2. On the train, near the Crossroads bridge

On this Mad Dog map, there is a station that is nearthe Crossroads Bridge. This station has a train parked at that place and you can use it as a camper hideout.

If ypu want to get on the train, you need a Gloo Wall to get on the train, after you have boarded, You have to prone to hde.

3. Mad Dog River Stream

This Camper spot is in the Mad Dog river stream. It’s really easy to hide in this location. You just need to ride a car and the drive towards this river, so that your car Vehicle goes into the water.

You don’t need to worry about getting caught, because this place is safe enough. Just wait for the safe zone circle to shrink in this location while you hiding.

4. Golf Course Tunnel

The last place is in the Golf Course Tunnel. This place is one of the safest place if you become a Camper player. In this place there are several boxes that you can use for a hiding place.

If there’s an enemy that enters into this tunnel, you can make a surprise attack by jumpshot.


That’s the way to implement the Free Fire camper strategy on Map FF!