Viral Build Vexana Tank Mobile Legends (ML), Here are the Items!

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Later in the next article, we will discuss the build of the Vexana Tank meta hero in MLBB. So, for those who are curious and want to get complete information, you can immediately check below.

Viral Build Vexana Tank Mobile Legends (ML), Here are the Items!

In Season 31 of the MLBB game itself, the Meta Hero Vexana Tank is really on the rise. Well, this Mage is now a favorite, and it turns out he uses a tank build, you know. For the build, there are two mainstay items to use, namely Cursed Helmet and Dominance Ice.

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Of course, with this tank build, Vexana’s hero actually allows his Eternal Guard or Lord to have passive items. So this build is the key to the hero when compared to other items.

So, from that explanation, MLBB game players can now know about the Meta Hero Vexana Tank and its build which is currently trending in the game. Here, you can try it for a more fun playing experience later.

So, earlier we discussed the Meta Hero Vexana Tank which is currently popular in the MLBB game and its build. So, that’s the information you can get, what do you think is the explanation?