What are Content Transfer Settings Mobile Legends (ML)?

In the Mobile Legends game, there are various features that are important for players to know. One of them is about What are Mobile Legends (ML) Content Transfer Settings? This time you can find out what the explanation for this is.

For Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players, you must be familiar with the continuous presence of updates in the game. This update is very interesting because it offers various new things that can be tried in the game this time.

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In this article you can also find out what the existing content transfer settings are for the MLBB game. For a more detailed explanation, you can look at the article later to understand it.

Just look at the article below so you can understand what the explanation for this is. You can also find out what its function or use is in this game.

What are Content Transfer Settings Mobile Legends (ML)?

The Content Transfer setting itself is a feature for sending game resources or data to other devices. Where in this feature players will not lose data, which is almost the same as Bluetooth.

Of course, players of the Mobile Legends game can use this to share game files without having to download them via WiFi or data. This transfer feature is a practical feature to use, of course.

However, for the transfer itself you are required to use the same OS, such as Android to Android or iOS to iOS. Meanwhile, Android to iOS or vice versa is still not compatible.

It’s interesting that the players of the MLBB game this time can find out what the content transfer feature is. That way, you players can also use it when playing games.

Likewise, a little explanation about what the content transfer settings are in the MLBB game so you can find out this time. From this information, hopefully you can understand it this time and what do you think about the explanation?