What is Free Fire (FF)? Complete Summary of The Game

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale mobile game. What is Free Fire? Here's the complete summary of the game.


There are many android games that you can choose to play in your device. The genre of the game may vary. And one of the most popular type of game nowadays in a battle royale game. One of the game that we will discuss is Free Fire. Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale mobile game. What is Free Fire? Here’s the complete summary of the game.

What is Free Fire (FF)? Complete Summary of The Game


Basically, Free Fire is a shooter battle royale game. The concept of the game is that you will play either as a solo or squad in an island. And the battle concept is a last man standing. So the last surviving member of a team, or the last surviving person in solo mode will win the game. You can get rid of the other players by killing them using any weapons that you can find in some areas. As we explain before, Free Fire is a shooter game, which is why you need to shoot and kill all enemies in the game until there’s no one left.

There are many modes that you can play in Free Fire, which is solo, duo, or squad. So you can decide how many players that you can play together with. But the maximum team member that you’ll have is 4 people. Obviously, if you play in squad mode, you will face the enemy with the same amount of team members in it. And it applies the same for duo or solo mode.

Characters in Free Fire

There are many characters that you can choose in the game. Every character has different appearance and skills that you can use to help you win in the game. You can use some skills to help yourself, or it can also help your teammate in the game. There’s even some character that is able to increase their weapon’s capability in the match.

You can also apply some skin or a costume to make your character appearance look better. You can also purchase these things in the shop, or obtain it by completing missions in an event. You can also change your hairstyle and shoes. However, you can’t change the character’s gender in the game.


Because you will have to kill other enemies, you will need a weapon to do so. To play Free Fire, it requires a firearm to win, so you can use these weapons to attack and kill an enemy. You can use many types of weapons in the game such as sniper, SMG, assault rifle, shotgun, and a pistol as well. You can find it by looting in various places. Such as buildings and loot drops. By using the weapons in the game, you will have the chance of beating the enemy and win the game afterwards.

And that’s some explanation about what is Free Fire. There are many battle royale game that you can choose. But Free Fire has its own characteristics. Be sure to follow esportsku on instagram for more tips to come!