What You Shouldn’t Do When Using Laura Free Fire (FF)

One of the character that has a skill that makes you able to use a weapon better is Laura. So here's some things you shouldn't do when using Laura in Free Fire.


Free Fire is a really popular battle royale game with millions of active players worldwide. In this game, there are many weapons and characters that you can try to use in order to win the game. These weapons has different functionality, based on the weapon types and the specification that each weapon has. One of the character that has a skill that makes you able to use a weapon better is Laura. So here’s some things you shouldn’t do when using Laura in Free Fire.

What You Shouldn’t Do When Using Laura Free Fire (FF)

Don’t use a close range scope

When you’re using a scope, Laura will be able to increase her firing accuracy of any weapon that has a scope on it. Using this character will make you use this character way more often in Free Fire. However, if you’re facing an enemy from close range, we suggest you to not use the scope in Free Fire. You can kill your enemy from up close by using the aim assist feature to kill them easier. And in close range, her skill will not be as effective as it is in long range battle.

Not using a scope at all

Using a scope or attaching a scope is a two different thing. Before you use a scope in any weapon, you need to attach it first by finding it around the map and use it later on. Only then you can use the scope on your weapon. However, there are some weapons that already has a scope on it, so you might as well find one that does have a scope already, since it will be easier for you to use. Laura Free FIre skill is closely related to scope, which is why using a scope is a must for this character.

Terrible aiming

Aiming is really important if you play any shooting game, including Free Fire. This is one of the most fundamental skills that player should have in order to be able to kill an enemy in any shooting games. Laura is a character than can actually help you increase your firing accuracy with her skill. However, without having a basic skill such as aiming skill, then it will still be difficult for you to use Laura in Free Fire anyway.

Using the wrong weapon

Other than playing style, weapon option can also be really important. Use the weapon that Laura can maximize its potential. You can try finding a long range weapon like a sniper rifle or a DMR. Those two types of weapon is really suitable for you to attach a scope to it. So Laura can maximize the potential of the sniper rifle and the DMR in Free Fire.

And that’s some of the things you shouldn’t do while using Laura in Free Fire that you need to know. Be sure to follow esportsku on instagram for more tips to come!