When does Season 32 end in Mobile Legends (ML)?

Mobile Legends is always eagerly awaited for the latest updates in the game. This time we will discuss when does Season 32 end in Mobile Legends (ML)? So you can find out later.

Fans of the Mobile Legends game themselves certainly know that this game continues to present various interesting things that you can try playing in the game, of course.

Indeed, it can also be seen from the many new updates in the game that players are also really looking forward to various new content to be able to play.

In this article we will discuss the details, but below you can also see about Squad Names in Mobile Legends , maybe later you players will be able to use one of the names.

Returning to the discussion in this article, we will discuss when Season 32 will end in the MLBB game this time. If you are curious about this, you can just look at the article.

When does Season 32 end in Mobile Legends (ML)?

Season 32 will end on March 16 2024 in the MLBB game, of course, so for those of you who haven’t gotten the highest rank, you can push this time because there’s still plenty of time.

Apart from that, for the skin prizes that players can get later after season 32, you can get skins for the support hero in the game, namely Diggie, this time.

You players can push rank this time to reach the highest rank in season 32, which of course the players also target this every season in the MLBB game, of course.

This information can also be known by you players for the MLBB game regarding when season 32 will end in the game, so you can estimate it this time.

Earlier we also discussed a little about when season 32 will end for the MLBB game, you can definitely understand it and what do you think about the explanation?