When is Phase 2 of Moskov Infernal Wyrmlord Mobile Legends (ML)?

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In the following article, we will provide an explanation for phase 2 of Moskov Infernal Wyrmlord released in the  MLBB game . So you can try to find out and you can try to participate in the event.

So, for those of you who want to know the schedule, just look below. That way, you can note when this event will occur in this game.

When is Phase 2 of Moskov Infernal Wyrmlord Mobile Legends (ML)?

Phase 2 of the Moskov Infernal Wyrmlord event will take place April 20-23 2024. Of course, you can get tokens from the Premium Supply event which will take place in the  Mobile Legends game for sure.

This is different from the first phase where players can get additional prizes in the form of Diamond Promos. For Phase 2 this time, you will only get draw tokens, with the details as follows:

  • Login to  Mobile Legends : 1 token
  • Top up Diamonds in any amount: 1 token
  • Top up 50 Diamond: 1 token
  • Top up 100 Diamond: 2 token
  • Top up 250 Diamond: 4 token
  • Use 100 Diamonds: 1 token
  • Use 250 Diamonds: 2 tokens
  • Top up 500 Diamond: 4 token
  • Use 500 Diamonds: 2 tokens

With a total of 18 tokens, you will be able to claim them later and draw at the AllStar Infernal Wyrmlord event. That way, you will have the opportunity to get a skin for the Marksman hero, Moskov, later.

Indeed, the AllStar Moskov Infernal Wyrmlord skin itself requires quite a lot of diamonds for you to get. Therefore, you can take advantage of the draw token to save even more on getting the skin.

Regarding the existing explanation, players from the  MLBB game this time know when phase 2 Moskov Infernal Wyrmlord will be released. So you can participate and you can try to take part in the event to get the token.

That’s it, we explained a little about when phase 2 of the Infernal Wyrlmord event will be released in the  MLBB game . Of course, that way you can immediately note down the schedule and you can get the skin for sure.