When will the KOF Masha Mai Shiranui skin be released in Mobile Legends (ML)?

Currently, Mobile Legends continues to offer many interesting things that you can find out about. For example, with the discussion this time about when will the KOF Masha Mai Shiranui Mobile Legends (ML) skin be released? Obviously with this you can understand it better.

Of course, those of you who play the Mobile Legends game also know that this game will be even more exciting for you to try. Because every update that comes along definitely brings lots of exciting content for you to play.

For example, this content includes skins that will be released later in the game. This of course makes players even more curious about what form or method to get it when it’s in the game.

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By looking at this explanation later, you will be able to find out some of the skins in the game. So when you play, who knows, you might buy one of these skins for your collection, of course, in the game.

From the explanation in this article, you can find out when the KOF Masha Mai Shiranui skin will be released for the MLBB game. Likewise, if you are curious, just look at the article below.

When will the KOF Masha Mai Shiranui skin be released in Mobile Legends (ML)?

The King of Fighter skin for the Masha hero, Mai Shiranui, will be released on April 24 2024. So you can try buying the newest skin series later in the Mobile Legends game for the fighter hero, of course.

This time, the KOF 97 skin series will bring 3 skins for the heroes Masha, Paquito and also Valir later. So in the MLBB game, there will be 9 collaboration skins for the skin series with the game characters.

Previously, there were 6 King of Fighter skins for the heroes Chou, Karina, Aurora, Guinevere, Dyrroth and Gusion. The presence of these three new skins will certainly make you more curious about what you can try later in the game.

Later you can get this skin by drawing at the KOF 97 event with a bingo system. Of course, with the implementation of the bingo system, you need a lot of diamonds to be able to get one of the skins.

Regarding this explanation, you players of the MLBB game this time can find out when the KOF Masha skin will be released. So those of you who are users of this hero can try to record the schedule and you can buy it.

Earlier we explained when the KOF skin will be released for the Masha hero, Mai Shiranui, in the MLBB game. Of course, with this you can find out and what do you think about the discussion given this time?