When will the Purple Might Bundle be resold in Free Fire (FF)?

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When will the Purple Might Bundle be resold in Free Fire (FF)?

The Purple Might Bundle will be re-sold in August 2024 to coincide with the 7th Anniversary which will definitely be very lively.

There are so many prizes that you can receive from the game, this will bring up old Bundles like the cool Purple Might like that.

Of course, it displays the form of the Purple Might Bundle which is very interesting, so you can take advantage of it.

Kapan Bundle Purple Might Resale di Free Fire (FF)

Because this way it shows the appearance of a very attractive Bundle, it will definitely make the character who wears it seem mysterious.

Giving something really good from the Purple Might Bundle that will be Resale like this, can make you even better in battle.

Of course, the female character using this Bundle will look very interesting, so you can take advantage of it very easily.

Moreover, for this Bundle, it might appear on the Faded Wheel or Token Wheel, because it is included in the old Collaboration of the Free Fire game.

Taking advantage of the Purple Might Bundle like this will be really cool, it’s really suitable for you to try it directly now in the game.

Because that way, you just need to prepare a lot of diamonds, so that we can immediately get prizes like that easily and quickly of course.

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Of course, all of this is quite exciting, because the purple might that you see in the game is part of a collaboration with the wrestling club.