10 Favorite Player Girls Hero in Mobile Legends (ML)

So, on this occasion, Esportsku will present a girl's favorite hero in Mobile Legends. Curious? Stay tuned for the next article.


This is the list of favorite heroes for girls in Mobile Legends. Through the Android Mobile Legends game we are shown with attractive-looking heroes that spoil the eye. So, on this occasion, Esportsku will present a girl’s favorite hero in Mobile Legends. Curious? Stay tuned for the next article.

Among the many choices of heroes, there are some girl favorite heroes who are very popular with Mobile Legends players.

These female heroes are popular, of course, not without reason because some of them have a very beautiful face and spoil their eyes. Besides that, in terms of their abilities they are quite overpowered so that when played they look cool in the eyes of the players.

The following heroes are often played by female players in Mobile Legends.


The first female hero favored by players is Kagura, she is a descendant of Onmyouji who can control Yin and Yang abilities.

Kagura himself is a mage with a very cool and beautiful appearance by carrying a unique weapon. Namely an umbrella with magic power in it.

This hero has high acceleration so that Kagura is very difficult to catch. The ability of his skills is very supportive to speed up the displacement of Kagura’s hero.


If this is everyone’s favorite girl hero, besides being easy to use. Marksman Lesley’s hero also has a badass appearance even though she is a reliable sniper.

When the three main items are complete, the terrible critical damage from the basic attack and the skills will be very painful if it hits the opponent. Besides that Ultimate Lesley which has a wide range easily reaches opponents who are trying to escape.


Just like Lesley, this marksman hero is also very easy to use and is a very popular hero, especially in the middle to lower ranks, even though he has a small appearance, the weapon used is a large cannon which is quite cool.

This marksman hero is a guide to playing the Mobile Legends game for beginners, this hero also often gets privileges from game developers, namely with the many skin choices that players can use.

In the game Layla has terrible physical damage if it is late game he can kill his opponent in a split second if the user can play it properly.


Her favorite heroine because of her immunity and agility is Nana. Dubbed as the earliest support in Mobile Legend, Nana has a lot of basic fans around her at the moment.

In the game Nana attacks her enemy using a boomerang for her 1st skill at the same time her magic power will drain the opponent’s HP. The skills that are used to issue a disable effect make the opponent turn into a cat that doesn’t move, because this skill is Nana’s ability to protect the core hero in the team.


The next girl’s favorite hero comes from the Angel Rafaela. It is said that she is a messenger from heaven to treat warriors fighting in the Land of Down. Therefore she is blessed with healing abilities that are very effective in battle.

Apart from that, Rafaela’s movement speed is fast enough to make him a support who can make movements to encourage the team to win.


Odette is a female hero who is very favorite in Mobile Legends apart from her beautiful appearance. This mage hero is terrible besides having a far range of skills.

He also has many crowd control effect abilities to stop the movements of his enemies. The normal players inflicted great damage at the start of the match.


You could say Miya is the most popular hero among other heroes because her photo is a Mobile Legends icon so that for her ability problems. Players must understand how to use this Marksman hero.

Miya has a beautiful face with her arrow weapon which adds to her charm when played. Miya has a very high lifesteal so that when she attacks her enemy. Her HP will continue to increase besides her passive attack which can increase attack speed to support her resilience in battle.


This cute little mage becomes the next favorite girl hero. Lylia looks like a witch who is very agile and has many tricks, besides her appearance. Lylia has the most terrible ability, namely the ultimate Black Show skill.

This skill can reverse the lost blood, this skill is amazing because it can be used in various difficult conditions during the battle. No wonder Lylia’s hero is favored by players in Mobile Legends.


Hero Ruby is very beautiful, anyone who sees the appearance of this red hooded girl is definitely crazy. Especially when she is already in action using her scythe to beat her opponents.

In the game Ruby is a fighter who has a very unique crowd control ability. Besides that the passive that appears when the skill is used allows Ruby’s body to jump quite far.

So you could say with his passive acceleration as a Fighter is very fast and agile. So who doesn’t want to play together with this hero and overpower.


Girls, young, cute and talented are the words that can be expressed for this one hero. Change’s is said to be the youngest student of the dragon nicknamed The Great Dragon, at a young age he has mastered various types of deadly magic.

Chang’e becomes the favorite girl hero in Mobile Legends besides her appearance mentioned above. She is a very terrible mage hero because her magical power at the beginning of the game is very terrible so it can really help the team to win as quickly as possible.

That’s the discussion about the 10 favorite girl heroes in Mobile Legends, of course we hope that with this information friends can be even more enthusiastic about playing female heroes in the Mobile Legends game. Thank you. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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