10 Heroes To Push Rank Grand Master Mobile Legends (ML)

Therefore, this time Esportsku will provide a row of heroes for the best push rank in Grand Master Mobile Legends that you can use to win the match. For this, please use the following heroes.


Grand Master is one of the ranks that is the entrance to the draftpick system, you could say, Grand Master is the last door for beginner players to enter a higher rank, this is the hero for push rank in Grand Master Mobile Legends. Therefore, this time Esportsku will provide a row of heroes for the best push rank in Grand Master Mobile Legends that you can use to win the match. For this, please use the following heroes.

To make it easier to pass the Grand Master rank, you need to use a strong hero, besides being strong, the heor must be able to support other heroes in order to win the match even when solo.

The following is a row of heroes for push rank in the Grand Master Mobile Legends rank. By using the following heroes, you can easily win the match.


The first hero is Fanny, who is a very tough assassin hero in the early to mid game. This game is very suitable to be played in the push rank of Grand Master Mobile Legends.

Fanny has the ability to rotate very quickly, farming is very flexible and can also finish the game quickly, playing in the Grand Master, of course, will not burden Fanny in surviving, unlike in the legend or mythic rank.


You can also use the Alucard hero, which is one of the best that can give you the advantage of rotating, farming to team fight, Alucard is the right hero to use in Grand Master ranks and below.

For example, the author himself when playing using a smurft account, usually the first hero to use is Alucard so that you can reach the Grand Master, next in Epic and above, usually using meta heroes.


A very meta hero in this season, Benedetta can be an option for you to use it in a ranked game in Grand Masters. This assassin hero is very flexible, you can finish the game quickly with this hero.

The reason is, this meta one hero is not only played a lot in the mythic rank and above, but also Benedetta is still very suitable for those of you who play in the Grand Master. Moreover, this hero is free so all players have it.


For user support, you don’t need to use complex heroes, you can use a simple hero like this one Eudora hero, by using it you can easily play and finish the match.

Eudora can be obtained for only 2000 BP, besides that this hero is also quite meta, especially after the release of the revamp some time ago which makes Eudora one of the heroes that you must use in the lower tier.


Saber can be a very tough core hero, his execution ability is able to make the opponent die in one attack. This hero can become a hero who can threaten the opponent’s core hero and defeat him.

By targeting the main core of your opponent, there will be fewer fighters on the opposing side, of course it is an advantage for your team to attack, this can be done thanks to the Saber. So in teamfight, prioritize your opponent’s core hero and teamfight will definitely win.


Next is the hero Miya, which is one of the best marksman heroes who can give you flexibility in playing, Miya has a concealing ability which makes it invisible to others.

This ability can make Miya attack the opponent’s defensive line easily, she can also run away quickly and can also attack with a very high attack speed. The ability of this one hero is very tough in Mobile Legends.


Then for the next hero, Moskov, is one of the marksman heroes who has the ability to provide a very high attack speed. Moskov can make you excel in teamfight.

This basic attack hero ability can penetrate his opponent to the back, so the Moskov is very good at team fight, in addition to the high farming and roaming abilities that make you able to get gold and exp quickly.


Next for the hero that you can use in the Grand Master rank in Mobile Legends Zilong, is one of the best fighter heroes that allows you to give ganking attacks on your opponent.

Zilong is an option for you to be used as a sidelaner, this hero’s ability to have good mobility, deadly initiation skills and enormous damage you can use to scoop up her opponent.


Aldous is one of the best heroes you can use to play ranked in the Grand Master rank. The reason is because players in that rank don’t really know Aldous’s weakness.

In the Mythic rank, Aldous is usually the target hero of his opponent, so it will be very difficult for Aldous to increase the stack, but in the Grand Master rank, Aldous will be free to do the farming stack until the late game becomes his place to slaughter enemies.


Finally, Roger is one of the marksman hybrid fighter heroes, he is the best hero as a hyper carry. This one hero has the ability to provide fast attacks and ways of tearing apart his opponent.

By using this one hero, you can quickly complete your duties in the Grand Master, and then playing in the Epic rank and above is still very effective in using Roger heroes.

Now that’s all for the best heroes for you to use in the game rank in the Grand Master in the Mobile Legends game. With this row of heroes, you can easily pass the Grandmaster tier and reach Epic quickly. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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