10 Quick Ways to Rank Up Mobile Legends, Guarantee Mythic ! (ML)

Here's a quick way to rank up in Mobile Legends, which is guaranteed for you to reach Mythic easily. Maybe it will be very useful for those of you who already want to climb the rank quickly.


We already know that the Mobile Legends game has many heroes, skins and also tier ranks that you can achieve. Starting from Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legends, Mythic and also Mythical Glory. The way to achieve it is not easy. You have to use a quick way to rank Mobile Legends (ML) which you can use to get to the following mythic ML ranks. Here’s a quick way to rank up in Mobile Legends, which is guaranteed for you to reach Mythic easily. Maybe it will be very useful for those of you who already want to climb the rank quickly.

To rank up quickly in the Mobile Legends game is actually quite easy if you manage to apply the following methods. But of course there will be many obstacles that can interfere with you, for example, many AFK players, Toxic to many players who are selfish when playing ranked.

It has been compiled by my esports so that you can read it more easily. In this way, you can win and increase your rank quickly.

On this occasion we will discuss a quick way to rank up in the Mobile Legends game. You can apply this method easily and be able to rank up quickly. Well for those of you who have difficulty getting up in rank.

Of course there are several ways so that you can quickly rank up in Mobile Legends. Well, here we will discuss in full how to quickly increase the rank of mobile legends so that you can reach Mythic ML quickly.

Use Meta Hero

Meta heroes are very important so that you can easily win in matches. Of course, in every Mobile Legends update there will be several heroes who get buffs and nerfs.

Now the hero who gets the buff has the opportunity to be used as a meta hero and has the advantage to calm the match.

Some of the meta heroes that you can use in this season 17 rank include Khufra, Ling, Natalia, Lancelot, Uranus and many others.

Play at the Right Time

One of the tricks to quickly rank up or rank up in Mobile Legends (ML) is not to play during peak hours. There is the most suitable time to play ranked in Mobile Legends.

Playing mobile legends is easier to rank up in the morning or evening. In the morning you will not find a boy player when playing Mobile Legends. So, when is the best time to push solo rank ML and can be applied to squad too.

Meanwhile, another suitable time is at night when many pro players play. Even though you have strong opponents, you also have a balanced team. Moreover, all players have mature characteristics so there is no need to worry about AFK players, being selfish and others.

Learn Mapping

The next way to quickly rank up in Mobile Legends is mapping. Map or maps in the game are very important for the continuity of the game. By using the map, we will know that our team is roaming or starting a teamfight. That way comes a collaboration that you can adjust.

So that it is easy for you to monitor your team. There needs to be a mapping so that you can see from afar how the war conditions in Mobile Legends are. The way to do the mapping itself is quite easy, namely by sliding the screen in the specified direction, the screen display will move well and can see other teams.

Use mapping to monitor the condition of all players competing so you will get many opportunities to make preparations before the teamfight begins.

Pay Attention to Team Composition

Generally, in the Mobile Legends game, there must be early game and late game heroes and there must be support, tanks and carry, these three conditions are the main things so that the team composition can be balanced.

You can use hero mages to be support, while for tanks you can use heroes with strong defense, now for carry you can use assassin or marksman heroes.

Of course, each role does not only have the same task, you can also use marksman as support, or assassin as support. Hero fighter can also be used as a tanker and hero tanker you can use as an offlaner. It depends on the conditions and meta you are using.

Don’t be selfish in choosing a hero

Right now the main problem that you are still at a low rank is selfish. Selfishness can certainly spoil the game.

In this case, for example, when you pick a hero. Many of them want to play using marksman only. Even though we have explained that the composition of the hero in the team is very important.

Therefore, don’t play selfishly, you can play by applying the hero counter system, like the following.

Understand the Counter Hero System

In moba games that hone strategy, of course there will be a Counter hero system for each hero you use.

For example, when the enemy uses a meta hero, you can use the hero counter from the hero. In this case it is quite important because every hero in Mobile Legends must have its weaknesses.

For example, when the enemy picks Natalia’s hero, you can use Saber or Rafaela which is a direct counter from the hero. Now for hero counter information, you can find complete info on Esportsku!

Don’t Play Solo Too Often

The next way to quickly rank up in Mobile Legends is Don’t play solo too often, otherwise it will be difficult for you to reach a high rank in Mobile Legends. Maybe if only from warriors until you can still play solo. But at ranks like Epic and above it will be quite difficult with a system like this.

The best step for you is to play together with friends or maybe a pro player in Mobile Legends. Playing with people who are already smart in playing Mobile Legends is one of the right ways for you to do it

Make sure that no matter how bad your team’s situation is, don’t give up even under pressure.

In the Mobile Legends game there is the term Epic Comeback which is in a state of stress and even when there is only one turret left you can do an epic comeback.

Don’t give up until the end and make sure to fight as hard as you can. That way, you can just find an opening to make an epic comeback when your enemy’s game is already under pressure and also unruly.

Learn from mistakes

Always pay attention to games when you lose or are underperforming. You can learn what can be improved for the next game.

Learn From the Pros

You can also learn how pro players play. Starting from macro, micro, and game sense is at least important for you to absorb when playing later.

So that’s the Quick Way to Rank Mobile Legends. Hopefully the above method can be useful, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends players. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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