10 Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Julian Mobile Legends (ML)

Will help you get to know this Hero. Considering that Hero Julian is indeed a Fighter with a very easy mechanism, you should be able to understand things like that right now.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for all of you to try. Even the presence of 10 Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Julian Mobile Legends (ML), all of which will make it easier for players to play. Because there are some that we can level, but there are also things that you must avoid or reduce the bad impact. Will help you get to know this Hero. Considering that Hero Julian is indeed a Fighter with a very easy mechanism, you should be able to understand things like that right now.

As one of the heroes who has enormous strength, it will definitely make every opponent weak. Considering Hero Julian has his own technique, as a Fighter by dealing Physical Damage then Mage if it’s in the second mode.

High Life Steal

This is one of the advantages that Hero Julian has, has a very high amount of Life Steal. Of course, the increase in Life Steal can help you last longer, because the attack will have that effect.

So, Esportsku tried, Dominant Ice or Life Steal reducing builds don’t apply to this Hero Julian. Because it already has a high Life Steal effect, not to mention we also use it with a Build Life Steal that really supports Julian in fighting.

Have 2 Skill Modes

The next advantage of Julian is to have 2 Skill Modes, the name of the Skill Mode is Enhanced Mode. In this Mode his strength will become stronger, along with his Skill Effects and additional Life Steal Attributes in a few Seconds for him.

Now this Enhanced Mode is different from Roger or Selena, because Julian has to activate 2 Skills first before that. Moreover, Julian only changed his Skill and Attack, not his body into a Monster or Abyss like the two of them. Julian can give a little CC from his Basic, as well as Skills whose effects also have a greater impact.

Has a Strong Effect When Enhanced

When Julian reaches Enhanced Mode, his Skill Effects will become very Strong which is quite diverse as well. After I investigated Esports as well, his Skill in Enhanced Mode has a type like Ultimate which means every Julian Skill is his Ultimate.

Skill 1 will deal a large round of Damage, as well as an annoying Slow Effect. Then Skill 2 Rain from the Blade which will make Julian Dash forward, then receive Healing because of his Passive. Finally, Skill 3 releases a chain from the ground, giving Knock Up and CC Stun effects for a few seconds.

Easy to kidnap Enemy

Yup Julian is also a pretty good Hero to kidnap enemies, because of his normal and Enhanced Skill Modes. Even being helped by using the Spell Hero Julian in Mobile Legends, it will definitely be something so special and you should try it when you’re using it.

However, if you want to do that, advice from Esportsku is to keep using the Enhanced preparation mode as well. Even if it’s a suggestion, just use Enhanced Skill 3, so that later the opponent we want to destroy can’t attack at all because of the bad effect.

Have a Cooldown for a while

Hero Julian also has a Short Cooldown, so the process of using his Enhanced Skill Effects is even easier. Because with the use of the Hero properly and correctly, the Skills that you use on Cooldown will definitely not feel really good.

So that the attack will have great power, because the addition is also quite strong. Paying attention to the most important part when attacking the enemy, of course Julian can have a certain advantage when competing.

Tricky Combos

Esportsku can also say that the Combo from Hero Julian is indeed complicated, it doesn’t mean it’s really difficult when you use it. It’s just that if a Combo is complicated like this, it will really feel like it, you have to be careful not to be clumsy when attacking the enemy.

The complexity of the Combo from Julian is in the use of the Skill, you have to determine which one is suitable in the Enhanced Mode. However, we must also think about this Short Cooldown, because the second Enhanced Attack will also determine your victory.

Determination of Build

Build Julian is also a drawback that you have to face, because we need to determine it the right way. Julian can deal with any difficult enemies, but you have to use the right build to be able to deal with them.

This is a shortcoming that may be quickly resolved, especially considering that players have been playing for a long time too. Surely getting to know Hero Julian himself quickly, including in the problem of determining the Build of this hero, how to win.

Once Failed Must Die

Another drawback of Julian according to my Esports is that once you fail, you die, that’s for the combo problem. So why is it like this? Judging from the Combo’s complicated point, once you make a wrong move, the enemy will definitely attack easily.

So don’t be surprised if you fail once, escaping will be very difficult, especially if you get hit by an alley. So you have to stay alert in doing Combos, of course you want to use Enhanced Skills which will not be too difficult later.

Easy-to-Read Attack

If the opponent has Immunity or Blink Skills, then the attack will definitely be easy to read quickly. Because the attack will make you feel more real, because for that lack of Hero Julian when competing later.

So if you want to attack using Julian, make sure you can surprise them. Because this attack will have an effect, back again with our position where the combo failed, it will definitely be difficult to fight back because the skill is cooldown.

Still Easily Kidnapped

If Julian is still in regular mode, it’s really easy to get kidnapped from the opponent. Moreover, heroes like Saber, Yu Zhong and even Hero Lock with high damage must also be very easy when kidnapping from the hero later.

That’s why Hero Julian really needs you to pay attention again when competing, so you don’t make mistakes in facing the enemy. If indeed you have been kidnapped, just hope to be able to escape with Flicker or Skill 2 as much as possible. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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