11 Assassin Meta Heroes Season 22 Mobile Legends (ML)

Esportsku this time will provide recommendations for meta assassin heroes in Mobile Legends for Season 22. Of course by using the following heroes you are able to carry teammates correctly!


Hero assassins are usually used as carry heroes in a team. You need a strong assassin hero to often win in matches. This is a list of recommended assassin meta heroes Season 22 Mobile Legends! Esportsku this time will provide recommendations for meta assassin heroes in Mobile Legends for Season 22. Of course by using the following heroes you are able to carry teammates correctly!

After the change of season 21 to 22, of course you need a change in the heroes you use, especially for assassin users. You can’t use random heroes, using the following meta heroes.

The following are the recommendations for Assassin heroes who entered the meta in Season 22 of the Mobile Legends game.


Mathilda is an assassin support hero who in the upcoming Season 22 will be banned by many players. The reason is because Mathilda is quite meta with the ability to damage and can easily help her opponent.

Mathilda’s ability can provide damage, lock opponents and help perform combos using her ultimate.

One of your team’s heroes will follow by flying towards the opponent. This attack becomes a very deadly ganking attack. Usually the target will immediately lose.


Next is Selena, is one of the assassin hybrid mage heroes.. With Her support ability to be one of the most deadly heroes and is mandatory for you to play.

Selena is a very deadly hero. This hero has support abilities that can easily open maps and others. Selena can be the best choice for ranked play.

This hero can be one of the best support heroes with his combo abilities that can easily stop the opponent’s movement and carry out deadly attacks.


Next is Saber, who is one of the best assassin heroes who has very deadly execution skills. Saber can be the best choice for you to play as an offlaner or hero core.

This hero has a very deadly execution skill. With one ultimate attack combo with execute, can quickly defeat opponents easily.

Attacks from Saber will also have the effect of reducing the opponent’s Physical and Magical Defense so that it will be easy for him to launch high attacks.


One of the heroes that must be anticipated in Season 22 is Zilong. A fighter hybrid assassin hero, Zilong is a hero who is able to kidnap opponents very well.
This kidnapping ability will provide an opportunity for him to lock the hero core. With a combo attack of skill 2 and skill 1 only, it can make the target dying and even immediately lose.

Hero Zilong is the best hero that you can rely on well from offlaner heroes and jungler heroes. Thanks to His attacks with high damage. Zilong one of the meta heroes in Season 22.


Natalia has become a meta assassin hero in the past few seasons, even in Season 22, this hero is still much feared by Mobile Legends gamers.

Natalia’s ability can make it difficult for opposing heroes to play, this hero is able to target targets easily thanks to her stealth skills, she can stab opponents easily and quickly.

Natalia is usually played as a support hero who can push her opponent, this attack will help your team to inhibit the opponent’s hero core when teamfight.


Next, the assassin hero who is currently meta is Lancelot, different from Gusion, which is currently quite quiet. In Season 22, Lancelot became the prima donna as the core hero in Mobile Legends.

Lancelot’s ability can move quickly, Lancelot’s first skill will continue to be active and can be used in several attacks. This attack will make the target difficult to defeat.

Lancelot also has the immune ability from skill two that can escape various attacks, Lancelot can be a deadly core hero in Mobile Legends.


Karina is an assassin magic hero who just got a revamp. This hero is free from being banned in draft picks this season, but don’t get me wrong Karina can be a strong and deadly jungler.

The existence of the latest revamp makes Karina more and more in demand, this hero has excellent immune abilities and can easily launch fast and deadly attacks.

Karina’s 1st skill can give her immunity from the opponent’s attack, 2nd skill will help deal damage, and the ultimate that can give a fast attack without a skill CD.


The next meta assassin hero in Mobile Legends is Harley, is one of the best marksman heroes who can give deadly attacks to his opponents, this hero is very popular.

Harley’s ability lies in the new effect given, this effect will increase Harley’s damage when the target gets a ring from the ultimate and attacks him.

Each attack will be converted into damage so that the more incoming attacks, the greater the damage it does.


Next, the best meta assassin hero in Mobile Legends is Hayabusa, one of the assassin heroes who is often played as a carry and is the best choice than Ling’s hero.

Hayabusa has a skill that can make him move quickly so the opponent will be very difficult to attack and catch this one hero.

While the ultimate will give very high damage, while making Hayabusa get immune from various attacks when the ultimate is activated.


The meta hero in the next 22 season is Ling. You can use this one hero to defeat all opponents quickly. Ling is a hero specialist who is able to easily target the opponent’s defense line.

This hero is the best hero that you can use, especially to target the core or mage who is always behind the defense. For an assassin hero like Ling defeating by locking the target is quite easy to do.

Because of that, Ling is one of the assassins who is quite meta and even when defeated by all his opponents. This hero has fast movements with immunity that can help him move swiftly.


Lastly is Benedetta, this assassin hero is quite meta in Season 22. Benedetta also sometimes gets banned from players and sometimes gets away.

Even so, this hero requires high mechanics, so players may think twice before playing it.

But in the hands of pro players and have mastered this one hero. Playing the hero Benedetta can dominate the game in Meta Season 22.

So that’s all for the recommendation for the meta assassin hero Season 22 Mobile Legends. The beginning of the season is one of the reasons why you have to use the right hero core to push rank, now you can use the hero above. Hopefully useful and see you soon! Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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