12 Best ML Mode Ranked Mobile Heroes of April 2020


The selection of ordinary ranked heroes greatly influences the heroes who are included in the Meta Mobile Legends list. Especially when playing in the wrong Match Match even a little can affect the victory. Approximately what kind of hero is often used to play Ranking in April 2020? following the review.


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1 Hero of the Best ML Mode Ranked Mobile Legends in April

1.1 Khufra

1.2 Karrie

1.3 Atlas

1.4 Granger

1.5 Nana

1.6 Pharsa

1.7 Lancelot

1.8 Diggie

1.9 X.Borg

1.10 Odette

1.11 Johnson

Ranked Mode is a Mobile Legends game mode that is often active for skill competitions. This one mode is the main mode of excitement when playing Mobile Legends. To win, you also have to understand these 9 mobile legends 2020 emblems


Well if you are curious about what heroes are often played when Ranked Match? Here are the answers.


The Best Hero of ML Mode Ranked Mobile Legends in Aprilsubtitle

The following is a row of the best Mobile Legends heroes that are often used in the Mobile Legends Ranking Mode in April 2020. What are they?



As a meta hero and often Lolosa banned hero in Ranking Match, Khufra is the most used hero this time. This one hero can be relied upon in all conditions whether defending or attacking.



Hero Counter Baxia ML Di Ranked Mobile Legends

Karrie might get Nerf soon, but before that, make sure to play Karrie in the Ranking Match this April.



It’s not a taboo anymore if Atlas is often played. Besides being a New hero, Atlas also has a high Crowd Control skill that is quite often played.



Besides Karrie, Granger also still exists this April. This one hero had previously entered meta but was hit by nerf in early April.



Item ML OP Untuk Comeback Mobile Legends

Heroes are underestimated but now very feared. This one hero has an annoying transform skill. Many players banned Nana this month. But it is often used.



Hero ML OP Damage Besar Season 15 Mobile Legends

Same as Nana’s hero, but Pharsa escapes being banned more often. Unlike his friend Cecilion, this one hero is quite often played.



Hero Counter Lancelot ML Pakai Hero Mobile Legends Ini!

Hero Assassin on the rise. Lancelot became the new meta hero this April, the article he got revemp some time ago so often played back.




Being able to neutralize all types of Crowd Control makes Digie often used to count all the annoying heroes.



Hero X-Borg ML, Fighter Kuat Di Mobile Legends!

As a Fighter hero. X.Borg is still an axis today. This hero is very strong and tough. X.Borg is a fighter that is often played today. X borg is suitable for using mobile legends fighter emblems



Cara Mengembalikan Akun Mobile Legends Yang Hilang

Odette is not a hero in the list of banned heroes. But this one hero is quite often played because it can be combined with Johnson.



The last hero is Johnson. Where there’s Odette, there’s Johnson. These two heroes are indeed lovebirds and have skills that can be combined. Johnson is a tank that is often played this April.


Now that’s a row of Mobile Legends heroes who are often played in the Ranking Match mode in April 2020. Which is your best hero?