15 Best Battle Emotes in Mobile Legends (ML) Esporstku

Then for the presence of the 15 Best Battle Emotes in Mobile Legends (ML) Ala Esportsku, you will know that these are all the right choices. So that later you won't feel confused anymore, if you're looking for cool Battle Emotes from Mobile Legends.


Mobile Legends has presented many very interesting Battle Emotes. Moreover, for the 15 Best Battle Emotes in Mobile Legends (ML) in my Esports style, this is an option that you can find out. So that later the Battle Emote will match your account as well. Then for the presence of the 15 Best Battle Emotes in Mobile Legends (ML) Ala Esportsku, you will know that these are all the right choices. So that later you won’t feel confused anymore, if you’re looking for cool Battle Emotes from Mobile Legends.

For there are still some new things to do right now, because indeed this is one of the things that we find quite often. Whether in Rank or Classic battles, there will always be someone who uses a Battle Emote to mock the opponent or be happy.

Then you will also find out how to get Transformers Battle Emote in Mobile Legends, one of the parts that we can indeed have. Because in these conditions, you will show a fighting style and Emote that is similar to the current Transformers.

I Appreciate You

Alucard has a Slang word that we often remember, Hey Hey Not Bad is a word that makes us hit by Alucard. Well of course this is included in the Battle Emote section which according to my Esports is the best, because it symbolizes one of the impressions of the Hero.

Then we ourselves know that if Alucard said these words first, they are often the subject of memes or funny things. So finally Moonton released the Battle Emote, like appreciating the opponent because they are not too bad for us to fight.

Am I Scary?

One of the Emotes that explains Yagami Iori’s fierce and scary face, this was once released in the Mobile Legends game. But we can only get it through certain events, even you can only get it from Spin King Of Fighter which is of course expensive.

Battle Emote let out a laugh from Yagami Iori, that’s his trademark laugh in his own game. Even up to Chou, who uses this skin, emits a laugh that is terrible enough to scare the enemy.

Fire Master

Yarujanaika, K’s words for the enemy who dared to challenge himself in this difficult battle. K is a skin from Gusion which is a collaboration of the second part of the King of Fighter game, of course the presence of K is indeed quite surprising.

His presence also appears at the same Spin Event as Yagami Iori and friends, this Fire Master is an interesting emote. As well as showing self-confidence, not to be afraid in facing strong enemies no matter what form in the game.

Pretty Please

A Battle Emote that does show Chang’e’s pitiful face so as not to be hit by enemy attacks. It makes all the friends in One melt, it will even protect Chang’e until the build is finished and make the enemies in the game scared.

This emote is indeed funny even if you are using Hero Chang’e, it’s just that if you do it to the Enemy you can’t. Because even if you Spam Battle Emote like this, of course, you will still get a very deadly attack.

Ha! Got One!

Then the Battle Emote which shows Franco’s face, it can be seen that Franco managed to hook a fish and his happy face. Then issued a Sound which is One Shot One Kill, one shot one kill which means instant death too.

If it’s from my own Esports, this Emote is indeed suitable for you to use with Franco himself. Because it can be seen from the Emote which explains a Hook, to catch Something and you do this to the Opponent then Spam with this Battle Emote later.

Feel Energetic!

Then there is a Battle Emote that really shows us as energetic people, even seen from the strength you can give. Of course, this is our mascot, Athena, which is one of Guinevere’s Skins which is included in the collaboration of this game.

Mentioning that Athena is ready to face every match, makes this a very interesting Emote. Of course you yourself will not want to miss the Emote, because the style and shape itself is really cool.


Next is the Battle Emote that is present for the Hero named Barats. this is indeed special for him and is quite fitting for his skills as well. Of course we can see it straight from the Dinosaur’s Open Mouth, then let out a loud Busted word.

This means you’ve been caught in the range of Barats’ all-consuming Skill. Once you’re caught you won’t be able to get out, but the two of them can only hold one person down for a while before they finally bounce out again.


Almost got hit by an opponent’s deadly attack, that’s what Pharsa might think directly when hit by an enemy gang. This Battle Emote also turns out to be visible, if later the pharsa will turn into a bird and issue a Bye Bye sound to the opponent.

It’s like a Battle Emote that mocks the opponent, because it can be seen that Pharsa feels easy to face them. Not even feeling scared at all, when the enemy’s opponent who used such power to deal with him in this game.

Welcome To My Realm!

An offering of Beat Sounds and DJs from Hero Broody in the Mobile Legends game, Welcome To My Real is a fitting name for it. This Battle Emote is indeed quite interesting, in addition to Broody’s appearance changing, it turns out that there is a DJ Beat Sound, although a little.

This is indeed one of the Battle Emotes that Esports has chosen, it’s really cool and in the past it was available for free. You are sure that if you get the prize, you will definitely feel interested in using it always in every exciting match.

RRQ.Lemon 2

Now if you want to make an opponent with a good mechanism, but if you do, just try using this Battle emote when you win. Because from here we will issue an Emote that shows Lemon’s Face, but his expression is not too surprised.

Even from the Battle Emote voice, you can hear the sound of ordinary words, meaning that it proves that the opponent’s mechanism is not too scary. Then in our current view, it turns out that vinegar is a fairly ordinary mechanism.

[email protected]

Then you must know that one of the Battle Emotes is quite interesting, because it’s like mocking your opponent if they panic. If you know about the word “Panic or not? Panic no time!” means that you know, the right conditions to bring out the power of this Battle Emote.

When facing an enemy who is dumbfounded or war, you can just Spam the Emote when you win. Because of the supportive battle conditions, it will make the defeated enemy’s mentality finally panic and don’t know the right position to fight.

[email protected]

Rebelion ID, which is a team from Indonesia, is indeed quite popular and even has its own Battle Emote. If you use this Battle Emote later, it will definitely feel more exciting because the shape and appearance is indeed interesting.

Because the sound of this Emote is quite noisy, because that is what makes us ourselves definitely interested in being able to use it in the match later. Let the enemy know, that our strength is like the Rebellion Team that continues to fight without any obstacles at all.


Is a Battle Emote that indicates to the opponent, if indeed we don’t know what they are really saying. If you win in a mechanical fight with the enemy, of course there are usually people who are angry and upset because you are actually better than him.

Well the thing you have to do is to give this Battle Emote, a question mark because you don’t know what they are saying. It’s like teasing, it’s just that you use a more interesting way to do it so that you can also reply to that person’s message.

Invincible Champion

Invisible wrestlers and difficult for everyone to guess, even the Inviciber Champion’s strength is indeed very strong. That’s Paquito by using Battle Emoteya, a deadly blow with a strong Blue aura style will make the enemy fall even more.

Even things like this will provide a pretty good opportunity, so that they will be able to know the consequences if they dare to approach us. It will definitely be hit by a mechanical Combo and fight in a duel also doesn’t matter, because it is certain that we will dominate it.

High Five

This Battle Emote is like a sign to friends who want to help us in giving Buffs, just like you guys who are using Mage and Tanks Help. We can give this Emote, as a token of gratitude for wanting to help you in doing Buffs.

We can also do this when we are in war, we can issue this Battle Emote if we manage to do that without anyone losing. This will show our appreciation to teammates, if cooperation will definitely give the best results.

After knowing the 15 Best Battle Emotes in Mobile Legends (ML) in my Esports style, then this will be an interesting choice for you to try. Don’t miss one of the Emotes, if you really like it, just get it now.

Even for the part of the Mobile Legends Skin Legend List this time, it’s quite satisfying and you yourself certainly won’t want to miss it all. Cool skins, will make the appearance of the players to have more attractive heroes than usual. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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